NumberThree posted:

I don't think we've really discussed the most depressing part about the game so far...

Our defense came to play, and they look good! Somebody should tell Hundley that this rarely, if ever, happens.

It would probably take a while for Hundley to process that. His football intelligence makes Vince Young look like a genius. 

YooperPackfan posted:

I suppose this means we won’t get a high draft pick for him, huh?

If anyone trades for him, it will be a package deal addon for cap reasons, not the main trade. Conversely, it could be a straight up trade so the packers could move out of the 7th round and get 2 6th round draft picks.

Those are really the only two options, other than him being cut and picked up off waivers for a practice squad stint--which is the most likely.

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