2018 (or is it 2019?) Free Agency Moves/Trades/Releases

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May fun!
More next week, it's my 74th.

I assume you meant 74th birthday.  If so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  And not 74th catch in your fantasy league, or 74th victory in your fantasy league, or 74th Krolls hamburger, or ..........

Yup, 74th BD although I could go for 74 Krolls.
Best I can do here is Culvers.

Grave Digger posted:

Go get him Gute! High quality player!


What’s the deets?  Contract?

My guess would be FA is done until Rodgers contract clears the bank. 

Upon further time to think about Lewis. This is a great signing. Lewis won’t get worked by any DE or OLB in the run game. He’s most comfortable outside RT. Which is perfect.  He makes Graham tougher to cover because he’s a mismatch nightmare in 2 TE sets with Graham. 

In short. He’s Jared Cook if Cook could block while playing with Jimmy Graham. 

This is a very, very good bit of work by Gute. 

Dumba$$es - depth at the TE position is irrelevant because the Vikings have beaten the Packers the last two times they played and 4 of the last 5.  The fact that the Packers went 10-1-1 in the previous 12 is irrelevant because, well, because it doesn't fit a Viking fan's argument.


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