They reportedly want a 1st. With the way our young CBs have been playing and our interior rush, a guy like Thomas could make a big difference. Send them Dix, Spriggs, and a 2nd for Thomas. Thomas hasn't said he wants an insane contract, he just wants security...he's already in the top 5 of Safeties in salary. 

Paul Imig from Packers Insider was on local radio here and said he believes that Gute will be calling 0-2 teams seeking pass rushing help. Since those teams have very little chance of making the playoffs, he pondered whether they might be more willing to part with either a veteran pass rusher or an up and comer that GB will deal a higher draft pick to. 

Could that be Frank Clark from the Hags? Seahags still need a ton of help at OL are in rebuild mode. Maybe a 2nd rounder in exchange?

Hey I can dream can't I?

Teams don't usually trade pass rushers even if they're 0-8 and season is over.  Like OT and CB, it's a premium position.  Guess it could happen but not sure there's a history of it in the NFL.  

I would love to see Thomas here.  I'd trade Seattle a 2nd and give him a top 5 contract then let Dix walk after the season.  Dix has seriously regressed since his 2016 season.  

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