excalibur posted:
excalibur posted:

Look, I know politics didn't make the cut for my Top 5 list of NFL Draft Viewing Party rules, but let's use common sense and not poke the bare.

Tell it to the bore.

Now you've gone and done it.  I even deleted my post.  See, I have a problem with you personally because I know what kind of POS you are.  

Strap in. 

We have the last pick of the fourth, and the first of the fifth. Then, two picks in three late in the fifth. A good amount of talent left on the board yet.

The more I'm reading about Burks, the more I'm feeling better. He's a smart kid. So, while he's not polished as a linebacker, smarts + freakish athletic ability with Pettine to coach him, he's a project at ILB, but he should make an impact on special teams immediately. 

It would be nice to have some real speed and athleticism coming from ILB.