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packerboi posted:

Per sports gambling website BetOnline.AG:

Antonio Brown team first game of 2019 season

Arizona Cardinals 4/1
Green Bay Packers 9/2
Miami Dolphins 5/1
Oakland Raiders 5/1
San Francisco 49ers 5/1
Indianapolis Colts 7/1
New York Jets 10/1
Washington Redskins 10/1
Cleveland Browns 12/1
Baltimore Ravens 20/1

YESSSS!! After they nailled the Khalil Mack and Josh McDaniels odds Iโ€™m sure to put a huge wager on this one!!

Twitter isn't just for social media.  You can follow pretty much any news source in existence.  It's how I keep up on trade (my job) news and other interests.  And there are a handful of really smart and or funny people I follow.  I never write anything.

If you're a passing game nerd, look up 'receiver school' on twitter.  Fascinating breakdown of route running.  I think they also have a 'quarterback school'.

Boris posted:

I'd take the shot for a 3rd rounder on Brown opposite D. Adams

Without any hesitation at all - especially for a 12 million dollar cap hit. The only caveat would be if there was any clear domestic violence problems - then I wouldn't want any part of it.

Otherwise, could anybody seriously argue that having Antonio Brown for a couple of years wouldn't be worth trading Oren Burks, Kyler Fackrell, Motravius Adams, Ty Montgomery, or Richard Rodgers for? Because those are the last 5 3rd round picks for the Packers.

His 12 million dollar cap hit is less than Jimmy Graham's next year.

I don't see if as that big a risk. The worst that happens is that he comes in and blows up and you have to cut him. It would be the same thing as if he got hurt in the first game. Would you be that worried about him poisoning the culture? In all seriousness, they could use someone to shake things up like that.

I think he's very likely to behave himself for at least a year. Let him arrive at training camp in a helicopter or drive a car that's worth more than the GDP of a small African Country. Who cares?

I also go back to the fact that Antonio Brown is being painted incorrigible as a terrible problem and a diva (of course he's a diva). His QB should have been in jail for multiple rapes, yet he is now some sort of perfect citizen?


Henry posted:

A lot of strawmen in that argument.  Not even sure how Rothliesburger being a pile of shit works into Brown not being a cancer in Green Bay.

I'd prefer the new coach to shake things up.

Fair point on the Big Ben-Brown dynamic.

The main point is that I think the reward greatly outweighs the risk, and the worst case scenario is that he does become a cancer and you cut him. I wouldn't sign him as a free agent for a 90 million in guaranteed money (a Khalil Mack type contract) because then you are stuck and can't cut him. But to get a Hall of Fame receiver near his prime for a third round pick and a 12 million dollar cap hit if it doesn't work out is worth it.

Ironic that the penultimate "players coach" Mike Tomlin is having trouble getting two of the best players in the league to play for his team.  Not saying its his fault, but Leveon Bell and Antonio Brown are arguably two of the best at their respective positions and they want out....must be pissing off Steeler fans to the highest degree.  

Steelers are going to get hurt on the cap hit if they unload AB, whether its before March 17th or after.