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DH13 posted:

We'll be rolling with a very inexperienced receivers group this season. 

Roster isn't finalized  & season hasn't started yet. 

YATittle posted:

Can't believe no one signed Perry yet.

Yeah....shocker. That whole missing flights & late to team meetings might mean something to a future employer.

When you treat playing football like a 9-5 job, you're not going to be highly successful.

Chongo posted:

Perry can be an elite edge guy...IF he can stay healthy. And that's the real "other than that, how did you like the play Mrs. Lincoln?" issue.

I love CM3, one of my all time favorite Packers...but $8M a year for a 33 year old who has clearly lost a step?  I'm glad Gutentight took a pass.

I'm not convinced of this. We've seen him be a good edge player, double digit sacks and good against the run, but in his best season (2016) he only notched 47 pressures. 11 sacks and 47 pressures is good, but it's faaaaar from elite. I don't think Perry was ever going to be elite, regardless of health. Good, probably solid career maybe with a few good seasons sporadically, but never taking that next step. 

Floridarob posted:

yesterday was a sad day with Cobb and Clay leaving. Reminded me of when Bart was let go as coach. Just a punch in the gut. You wish they could have recaptured their greatness but it wasnt meant to be. Favres departure was so different from what happened yesterday. Sad with Clay and Cobb, pissed with Favre. 

It is kind of sad day with Clay and Cobb leaving but at the same time but I think we all pretty much had been prepared for it for awhile.  Sucks yes but that is the thing about the modern NFL is that rosters will churn quickly and you have to make hard decisions based upon whether a player can actually help a team anymore.

I don't remember Bart the player but I do remember Bart the coach.  I will always remember one Monday on his show where all he could find positive about the Packers was how high the punter kicked the ball the day before.  I knew then it was time for him to be gone.  I got it at the time that he was biggest link to the glory years but it was just time.



DH13 posted:

We'll be rolling with a very inexperienced receivers group this season. 

Yeah, after Adams and Allison. I mean, our receiver group realistically was even less experienced last year with Cobb missing for most of the season. I think 2019 looks better at receiver than 2018 with the top 4 WR's (pending the draft) all having some experience. I think the challenge will be getting the new offense implemented more so than the experience of the WR's. 

DH13 posted:

We'll be rolling with a very inexperienced receivers group this season. 

Scantling and St. Brown each got probably 2-3 years of snaps with AR in a regular season games last year when compared to Adams.  Also last year the difference between the number of targets and the number of receptions for both receivers narrowed quite a bit as the season went on.  So that was good.  If Adams and Allison can stay healthy GB will be fine.  The wild card for me is how quickly the players will learn this new offense as directed by MLF.  Because what is clear to me is that AR not only needs to trust his receivers, but the coaching as well.  That is a lot to ask for in one season.  But who knows, everything could come together in TC and they end up playing in the SB.