Boris posted:

Jordy was the Raiders leading receiver last year.

Jordy as a #4 or #5? For $1.5-$2 Million? I could see it in Green Bay if he is agreeable. 

But there is a lot of young receivers in Green Bay now. He might not be able to beat them out.

IIRC James Jones was the leading receiver for the Raiders in 2014 when they cut him and the Pack reacquired him (from the Giants) before the start of the 2015 season.  JJ had a nice 50 catch season in 2015 before retiring.

Put me in the tire-kicking camp.

vitaflo posted:
Chongo posted:

"Motivated by prove-it deal"??  Dix had a prove-it deal with two teams last year and failed them both.  What makes anyone think he's going to try this year?

Besides, when is the last time anyone saw HHCD hit a guy like Amos does? Da Bears took a step backwards by signing HHCD to replace Amos. I'd bet they draft a Safety who will probably start and get more playing time than HHCD. HHCD is just more depth for Da Bears.

pkr_north posted:

apparantly hasn't watched much of hhcd lately.  ole.  

Pretty sure your right. I think you really have to weigh a lot of what these media guys say very carefully. I'm guessing very few have done any real scouting and just go with the flow, regurgitating the hype. HHCD came into the league with plenty of hype complete with the Bama notoriety. He's still riding that hype and collecting on it. He's got a couple of big plays to his resume so far and that's all these guys remember.

mrtundra posted:

Besides, when is the last time anyone saw HHCD hit a guy like Amos does? Da Bears took a step backwards by signing HHCD to replace Amos. I'd bet they draft a Safety who will probably start and get more playing time than HHCD. HHCD is just more depth for Da Bears.

Not a bad guess, insurance policy while they draft a safety.  Wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't see the field much or even make it out of camp.

Ok, so I can't find anymore than it is a one year contract for $3.5m.  I wonder how much of a bonus/guaranteed money is involved.  I found reports that he passed up more money to stay with the Redskins, which is kind of bizarre.  

Just watched some highlight film of him and it confirmed what everyone here is saying.  Most of his interceptions have been on overthrown, tipped or balls that should never had been thrown.  When they showed him hitting someone, I had to check my eyes to see if it really was him.

The reaction to the Clinton-Dix signing is classic national media stupidity.  First rounder + one year deal = great signing.  None of these guys have any clue about his play the last 2 season, they just revert back to the fact they know his name and he was a first rounder. 

First half of last season was a prove it deal with the Packers and he was traded.  He proved he wasn't worth a deal.  Second half was a prove it deal with Washington.  Again he proved he wasn't worth a deal.  So third time is a charm? 

Can't wait to play him twice next year.   

michiganjoe posted:

Amos has three picks in four years and it's entirely possible HHCD will give the Bears more big plays. The problem is between the big plays he's horribly inconsistent and doesn't exactly seek out contact. 

And Amos is very consistent and versatile. He didn’t get a contract because of INT stats.  He got it for being a reliable cover safety 

yes Henry, and to add to that, he will be in the right spot at the right time - and he can communicate the coverage and where the do-does should be.  that was a big issue with the geen-e-ouss types we have had.  always a breakdown in communications, get it figured out mate.  just give me a bunch of do your job guys, and we will be set.

PA green & gold posted:

Today on Philly sports talk they’re talking about how the Eagles should sign Clay Matthews. “He’s a stud” and would put them over the top. I don’t think any of them have watched Clay play the last 2 years. 

Si listed the top 50 FA still available and Clay was not even listed. 

And according to SI Amos was the 4th best FA signing.

4. Adrian Amos, S, Packers – 4 years, $12M guaranteed

Amos played in a predominantly 2-deep safety scheme under defensive coordinator Vic Fangio in Chicago and now must transition to a predominantly 1-deep scheme under Packers coordinator Mike Pettine. But that’ll be a small challenge, and Amos was always sound when the Bears did employ 1-deep coverages. More importantly, Fangio’s and Pettine’s schemes are predicated on matchup zone principles. Amos has the vision and spatial awareness to solidify Green Bay’s matchup zones, which wobbled too often last year as young players shuffled from position to position, due to injuries and lineup-tinkering. Another way to view this: Instead of re-signing Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix, one of football’s most physically gifted but least reliable safeties, the Packers filled that spot with a quality starter from their rival Bears. (And later saw those Bears sign Clinton-Dix, no less.)

I'm glad he's back even on a tender.  He and Rodgers were really starting to get some great chemistry.  If he can become a solid #2, that's a huge win.  If Saint Equanimity develops into a slot role it would help to devote more resources to keeping Rodgers upright. 

Pakrz posted:

If TJ Hockenson is as good as advertised, he might be the biggest single upgrade the offense can make during the off season.  A great TE changes the entire offense. 

You mean the guy Gutey is paying $12.6M isn't a great TE?

They'd have to sign him first.  Plus, putting him at ILB would also affect any contract when other teams are sure to offer him OLB money.  Clay can do both.  Pay him a contract commiserate to a OLB at his age/skillset and then talk about ILB play.

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