Wreaked havoc for the Packers when we played him. Not cheering injuries, but as I keep saying, sometimes it's the healthiest teams who go furthest in the playoffs. 


What's that saying about better to move on from a player one year too early then too late?

Michael Rothstein ESPN Staff Writer 

The Lions are placing DT Mike Daniels and OL Kenny Wiggins on injured reserve after being hurt in Sunday's loss against Tampa Bay. It ends a rough injury season for Daniels. Both Wiggins and Daniels are free agents after the season.

Pakrz posted:

Strong move by the Chiefs.  If Suggs reports, cool.. you get an extra pass rusher.  If he doesn't report, you still kept him from the Ravens for the playoffs.  

Concur. I can nearly guarantee the reason the Chiefs claimed him is to keep him off the Ravens roster.

michiganjoe posted:

Mike Daniels' totals for the year:

Daniels finishes his 2019 season with nine games and 189 snaps played, recording 10 tackles, two tackles for loss, a sack, and two quarterback hits.

I was totally on-board for having Daniels to be back 1 more year but then let him leave via free agency.  Gutekunst was way ahead of everyone (including myself) on this one and let Daniels go at the perfect time just before he completely tanked.  He already was running on fumes in 2018, but his body may have completely given out in 2019.  Who knows, maybe he finds a way to get healthy again and rally to being a productive player for another year or 2, but it doesn't look good for a slightly undersized guy who is getting up there in age. 

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