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Let's have a show of hands as to who thought this team would be 10-3 right now?  Anyone?  I didn't. 

Let's have another show of hands as to who thought this team had zero holes?  Anyone, anyone?  I didn't.

How about if you were aware that McVince and Uncle TT are no longer employed by the Green Bay Packers?  I might have one up on you here because I DID know that. 

Anyone know if Guerilla and Mayo were first time GM/HC respectively with Mayo in his first year?  I actually had to read Buzzfeed to figure that one out. 

Hey!  I wonder if the Packers have done anything to address some of the gaping holes left by the previous regime?  They have?  Surely you jest. 

Here's the point.  While many don't like what I post I find it absofuckinglutely mind boggling that these facts are seemingly ignored on a regular basis.   Complain away but you cats flat out shit on this team that's still rebuilding.  It doesn't seem to be complaining about some fucked up plays or known weaknesses with future hopes but the agenda of trolls.  Full out trolls.  Maybe Rodgers is a curse for a rebuilding team.  Maybe Gork didn't do enough in FA.  Maybe Pettine is a horrible DC and Mayo is a puppet.  It would be nice to find out.

I may be a fucking lunatic but at least I know what perspective and context are.  Try it sometime.

Don't worry though.  I'll start a separate game thread from now on.  If you want to do some good ol' fashioned bitching while actually cheering every once in awhile please join me.

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Agreed, better year than I expected.

Lots of complaints about the D but to me the D is just fine, could be better but just fine is OK.  Punting and kicking have been solid and now the return team is going the right way.  The O however needs something.  Our young first year coach has now been there for 13 games, he knows what he has and who he has. He has an O rep and needs to figure out how to get guys open in rhythm.  

I trust he can and will.  It's going to be a fun rest of the season.  Enjoy it.

I listened to an interesting clip between Silverstein and Butler the other day.  The context was if Rodgers was holding to Mayo's game plan.  Butler referred to Mayo's statements that he couldn't just completely overhaul the offensive system when guys had been playing in it for 13 years.  I think we see the increments of Mayo's offense with the run game and getting RBs into the pass game.  I think that's why it also looks like the "sandlot" Rodgers is still out  there but with worse receivers. 

I would be excited as hell to see what the offense is like in year 2 with the addition of solid receiving talent.  I think the oline is actually in pretty good shape as long as they add depth.  Sternburger and a high draft pick at WR along with some WR depth?  Yeah, open up your playbook Mayo and shed the last vestiges of McVince's offense. 

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Henry, I almost alway agree with you and this instance/post is no exception.  This team truly was/is in a soft rebuild.  If not for Rodgers, it's a full rebuild.  We have some talent at some spots, but probably not enough to put us over the edge this year.  I look at this team like I did with the 94 and 09 team.  The difference being that we have a very experienced qb as opposed to one that is up and coming.  If things progress this offseason as they did last offseason, we are on the right track.  Who knows, maybe we can get "lucky" and pull off something magical this year.  If not, I'm impressed with a first year/first time head coach leading this team to winning record and a playoff appearance. 

A good friend of mine is a NYG fan. One who labeled Christian Hackenberg a stud. One who said they'd never trade Beckham. Tries to stack up Eli's numbers and worth against AR all the time. Near the end of the GB/SF game he texts me with "welcome to futility." I said, "Yeah 8-3 feels so much like 2-9." 

He and his brethren are guilty like many of us were with #4- Eli won us 2 SB so he has carte blanche to decide when he leaves NY. Hasn't panned out too well. 10-34 in the last 44 games. And the worst part is Ben Macadoo made the right call to bench him, but the hissy fit by the fans won out.

This Packer team has holes, they make stupid blunders weekly and drive me closer to coronary every year. In-game, I think the bar should be lower. Again today, Rodgers refusing to pull the trigger had me in knots. It seems like many wins this season, the defense hasn't seemingly played great, and then someone throws up stats and it actually looks more impressive postgame. AP had 80 yds today, and he ran hard and was tough to bring down. In the end, 3.8/carry, no breakout runs and failed to effect the outcome. A total of 15 points while holding at least an 8 pt lead for a good part of the game. The rookie wr was neutralized, they contained Haskins on a bum leg. There are warts. But they are learning how to win games with what they have. Idc if the wr are bad enough that they need Jones to split out wide, because it's been effective. This is the type of game my buddy will say "Hey Rodgers with only 1 TD pass and not even 200 yards." If that gets us to 10-3, and the team is trending upward, cool with me. 

I don’t think pretentious pricks with a history of self importance, condescending rants, and a superiority complex should be lecturing anyone about perspective and context. But that’s just me. 

As a season unfolds the expectations have to evolve- especially with a 36 year old QB. Even if no one thought they had a shot at the Lombardi at season’s start, all that goes out the window when they position themselves for one. I prefer to take things as they show themselves, but others may see it differently. 

So it's ok to Pom Pom wave- but it’s ok not to, as well. It’s a message board... people should be free to and feel comfortable discussing this team however they like. If folks wanna bitch about Martinez, they have good reason to. If they expect better from Rodgers when he has a guy open deep and he over/underthrows them, they have good reason to.