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A couple of interesting tidbits:

On T Bryan Bulaga:

According to a source, the Packers have not had any talks with his agent since the season ended.

There’s plenty of time before the free-agent period begins, but if the Packers were eager to get him under contract they probably would have done so already. The team may be waiting to see how the CBA goes and whether they will have more salary-cap space than anticipated. 

It’s unlikely that outside linebacker Kyler Fackrell will return to the Packers.

The unrestricted free agent will be looking for more playing time after losing snaps to free agents Za’Darius Smith and Preston Smith last season. Fackrell’s sack numbers dropped from 10½ in 2018 to one in ’19.

Teams that dig deep will find that Fackrell had the second-best pressure rate (pressures per play) behind Za’Darius Smith, but his inability to finish will cost him some money in free agency.

Fackrell, a source said, is likely to sign a one-year deal with another team that will allow him to show what he can do with more playing time.

A couple of takeaways from the combine: The Packers are intent on adding on a pass-catcher both in free agency and the draft and plan to make a run at Falcons free-agent TE Austin Hooper. Also, they were scheduled to meet with Aaron Jones' agent, who is interested in starting talks on a new deal for the running back as he's entering his final contract year.

Rob Demovsky, ESPN Staff Writer

Hooper would be a nice add for sure. Was hoping we'd be able to snipe Albert Oblahblahblah out of Mizzou in round 4, but his 4.49 40 at 260lbs will make that impossible. We'd need to probably get him in round 2...which given our other needs is a non-starter.

Buluga isn't going to take some hometown discount.  He already made that clear when he was approached about restructuring his previous contract.  I would imagine the FO is waiting to see what the draft brings before negotiations start.

YooperPackfan posted:

Well if they wait until after the draft he’ll be long gone before negotiations can even begin

Ahh, good point.  Dates and such.

I'm pretty sure Buluga would have no problem testing the market.  He's basically going to be a starter or retire, that's it.

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michiganjoe posted:

As well as Bulaga played last season there is a significant risk involved in extending him. Jason Spriggs was supposed to be the guy and my guess is Gutey gives it another shot.

I've heard more then once now supposedly  the Packers consider Jenkins as a potential long term solution at RT. Bill Micheals just brought that up again last week and claims GB is considering it. He played both RT and LT at Mississippi.

I love him inside and the job he did his rookie year. I just don't know how he'd be kicked out to tackle.

As for Bulaga, yes of course I'd love to see him back but the injury history cannot be ignored. In 10 years, he's had 2 seasons where he started 16 games. "Better off moving on a year early" saying keeps poppin' in my head when it comes to players like this with injury histories.  See TJ Lang, Josh Sitton, etc.       

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bulaga is a really tough call.  the whole 'get rid of a guy one year early' thing keeps playing in my head, i remember tj lang and sitton both of whom really didn't make a dent like they were supposed to...i guess sitton did better of the two, but both were injured quite a bit.  knowing 75's history, i would draft OL high and see if we can keep the flying dutchman from retiring.  it REALLY will set the tone for FA and the draft whether or not gutey resigns 75.

At this point, I'd move on from Bulaga because I don't believe he will be healthy the entire season. Lots of good OT in this draft. If Jenkins is the long term plan at RT, then go out in round 2 and draft the best pulling guard in the class Netane Muti and plug him in at LG.

Spriggs was a dumpster fire year one. If he were a 6th round pick his ass would have been gone long ago. 2nd round trade up means they hung on to him this long.

Chongo posted:

Hooper would be a nice add for sure. Was hoping we'd be able to snipe Albert Oblahblahblah out of Mizzou ....

Was watching film of Albert O  a few days back. Like Him.

Depressing part was he was destroying Oren Burks on multiple plays. 

DH13 posted:

You basically have to weigh "can you picture 2-3 more healthy years from him?" vs. "can you imagine RT (and the whole right side of the OL) w/o him?".

Not with who is currently on the roster.  Yes, you could shift guys like Block It man or Turner around but I'm not convinced about the depth behind them.  Plus, I don't know how well Turner would fare at RT. 

If his demands are reasonable for a solid RT I'd sign him.  I'd just make sure the contract protects the Packers in case of injury.  They still need to draft more depth on Oline even with Buluga onboard.

Packdog posted:
Chongo posted:

Hooper would be a nice add for sure. Was hoping we'd be able to snipe Albert Oblahblahblah out of Mizzou ....

Was watching film of Albert O  a few days back. Like Him.

Depressing part was he was destroying Oren Burks on multiple plays. 

Wouldn't that have been something like a freshman beating up a senior?

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Gauging interest in Schobert

I get the feeling Buluga and Schobert will be intertwined decision making.  If they could hit on Schobert that would be huge in more than one way (10 mil a year).  It also means they have to consider Martinez, calling the defense along with finding a capable counterpart.  

Burks appears to be a 3rd round STer.

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TBH I have not watched Schobert at all, but he must bring a hell of a lot more to the table from playmaking ability than Blartinez because he's a lot slower based on combine numbers.

Not sure on it that he can't cut it and can't be trusted, or are they not giving him a fair shot (reps) to improve? Not looking good on him though...

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The point Dougherty made the other day stands out.  He's been given opportunities to be the starter at the beginning of the season and plays himself onto the bench.  What's even worse is you rarely even see him in spot/rotation duty.  That's pretty damn bad considering the state of ILB.

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If the Packers don’t re-sign veteran Bryan Bulaga, they don’t plan to move Elgton Jenkins to right tackle. The second-round pick from last year played so well at left guard that they don’t want to disrupt that. In fact, they view Turner, who played right guard, as a more viable option at tackle if they lose Bulaga in free agency. Also, it’s a tackle-rich draft, so they could find a replacement there.

Yeah, they still need starters as well as depth.  If they could essentially swap Martinez for Schobert when it comes to a cap hit that would be solid.  Having a rookie starter next to him would be even better.

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Really hope the interest in Hooper and Schobert are smokescreens.  I'm sure Gute will inquire what they are looking for to gauge the market.  However, Hooper is just not impressive.  He is stiff and cannot get open on his own.  Paying top FA for that skill set is not where it it's at.  Instead, looking at a guy like Hunter Henry, who is young and might sign a prove-it deal (he has battled injury), seems like a better approach to me.  I like Schobert - he is more of a playmaker than Martinez, but he will command top dollar and run defense is not his forte.  I hope the interest in Kwiatkowski from the Bears is real.  Young guy, ascending, smart player, rangy, and plays the run very well.