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From Ian Rapoport:

@RapSheet: One potential play-maker hitting the market: #Packers TE Jimmy Graham is not expected back in Green Bay, sources say. The move with the 33-year old former free agent signing is noteable, though not a surprise for anyone involved.

Semi-confirmation of the conventional wisdom thatโ€™s been out there.

Very incomplete and shoddy reporting here by Rapoport.

Your right of course.  

Agree with all of the above but in case you all forgot he had a monumental first down conversion vs. Seattle in the playoffs. 

In any event -- it's definitely time to move forward from the 33 year old TE.

Grave Digger posted:
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They all have flaws coming out. Spriggs flaw was strength and anchor. Obviously the scouts thought that he could be beefed up to handle it.

He hit 31 reps at the combine. Spriggs problem was technique and football IQ and that continued in the NFL. If he had figured out the mental game out he would have been a franchise LT. He had the same flaws in the NFL that he had at IU, but that offense got the ball out so quick that it masked a lot of his flaws. 

Being able to bench press is fine. Doesn't help much if you cannot set up and anchor against a bull rushing 290lb defensive end.

Spriggs couldn't and it ruined the rest of this game. He was so worried about trying to anchor against a guy who was stronger he'd then get beat every which way but Tuesday. He could bench press but he had the ass and legs of a big wideout.

packerboi posted:

Packers are one of them if they move on from Bulaga:

Packers are one of them even if they resign Bulaga.

I donโ€™t want to argue about Spriggsโ€™ problems, but I think he was plenty strong to handle the position. He didnโ€™t lose because he couldnโ€™t anchor and take a bull rush, itโ€™s because play to play he had no clue cognizance of the pass rushers plan. These guys donโ€™t just rush wildly every play, they have a full plan play to play where theyโ€™re testing for weaknesses and setting things up for later. Spriggs was so terrified of speed rush every play it seemed that he overset and was just wildly off balance for power moves and inside moves. He must have driven Campen crazy on Monday mornings. That level of football IQ is the reason guys like Bulaga and Bakh can overcome any physical deficiencies and still win...most of the time they seemingly know what the pass rusher is doing every single play. 

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What GD said. It was in his head. He hasn't resurfaced on another team. No surprise why.

If it was in his head then some team would have believed it could coach him up.

It was in his ass. When you can't hold up to a bull rush then you are susceptible to every pass rush move because you have to set to absorb the initial push. 

I saw it in Spriggs repeatedly. He would set to take a push and when the rusher did something else he was dead. And when he did get a bull rush he got run over.

Another MLB hitting free agency. Also ILB Christian Kirksey also hitting FA after being released by the Browns. Both of these could interest GB, while at the same Blake Martinez may not be quite so in demand if the FA has a multitude of options at ILB.     

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