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Source: Sacramento Bee - Chris Biderman

San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch has both made and received calls about WR Dante Pettis recently, although no deal appears imminent, according to head coach Kyle Shanahan.

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Pettis fell out of favor with the staff some time ago. Any team in need of wide receiver help might consider him but the 49ers would not get much in return. Stay tuned.

I thought it was quite convenient that Thomas all of a sudden had an "injury" this week, after being benched last week, of course.
Either Payton or Thomas is still pissed off about something.

But I wouldn't want to see him here. The "me-first" guys are rarely worth the money, and are prone to being cancers.
JMHO, others may vary.

@Henry posted:

Not that I want him to go but Williams is half way decent trade fodder right now.  That's more mileage for Jones unless Dillon starts getting a ton of reps.

Dexter wouldn't bring much in a trade.

The Packers are bringing in veteran WR Seth Roberts, who was released by the Panthers earlier today. A source said the plan is to sign him to the practice squad initially. Roberts has 183 career receptions (15 TDs) for the Raiders, Ravens and Panthers....

Adding to packerbois post....

why did Carolina let him go?

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The Panthers announced Roberts’ release on Monday afternoon. The move comes a day after Roberts played a season-high 41 percent of the team’s offensive snaps in a 27-24 loss to the Saints.

Roberts did not catch a pass while playing those snaps and has not had a pass thrown his way since Week Four. He leaves Carolina with four catches for 31 yards.

Took a quick look at the Charlotte Observer to see if there were any comments relating to Roberts. There was nothing other than the mention of his release.

There was this snippet, however:
"Practice squad defensive back Josh Hawkins was also released Monday, less than a week after the team signed him. He had previously spent time in Carolina in 2018. A video circulated of Hawkins dancing over the weekend at a packed club in Charlotte without a face mask."

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One fan forum had multiple complaints of Roberts not knowing where to line up several times in their game Sunday, apparently causing confusion and putting the offense up against the play clock.

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They are scraping the bottom of the league right now.  I can't believe there isn't one older vet out there that can deliver something more.  Honestly, how little commitment to the position can you have?  If it wasn't for ILB position, Rodgers would be right to take it personal.

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@Boris posted:

Seth Roberts needs to be fully tested for Covid & quarantined before stepping foot in that locker room.

Any interest in another pass rusher?

None.  Getting old and he isn't the DE type the Packers need.  Z fulfills that role better.

Depends on what they want. He's not played poorly, probably would thrive next to KC. Wouldn't give up a R1 pick for him, but maybe a 3rd? I would go for a 2nd if the Jets will eat big chunks of salary to help out's not like Gute is going to use those 2nd/3rd rounders well anyway! Kid is not even 23 yet and has basically a season under his belt.

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I would much sooner make a move like the above for a kid with a high ceiling vs giving up a 2nd rounder for JJ Watt. Someone who hasn't been able to play more then 8 games in the last 5 years.

Gute needs to make a move more impactful then a Seth Roberts. A WR like that is not going to get the Packers into the tier of a team like Tampa.

Looking at his contract, you are definitely saying goodbye to some combination of Jones, King, Bahk and Linsley if you made this move. Worth it? He has been very productive.

"Williams leads all interior defensive linemen with 18 stops, according to Pro Football Focus. He’s tied for fourth among interior defensive linemen with 17 tackles against the run. He’s also third in run-stop percentage (12.2%) among interior defenders, per PFF.

Williams already has more tackles for loss (5) through seven games than he did in 13 games as a rookie. He’s made improvements across the board from his first season that was plagued early by a high ankle sprain that he played through."