@Goalline posted:

When this kid is good he is the best QB in this draft. I mean, Mahomes and Rodgers like. Some of those throws are ridiculous. When he is bad he is Jay Cutler like. Really excited to see if he can develop and if MLF can coach out the bad habits.

Let's just hope Love doesn't have Cutler's prickly personality.  I thought Cutler had 3 things that worked against him.  First, he didn't have the poise you'd like to have in your QB, he let people get in his head and he could get rattled.  Second, he took a horrendous beating in his career, some of it his own fault for not being particularly good at avoiding rushers and some of it due to crappy personnel around him.  Third, Cutler's mechanics were never very consistent and he never really fixed them his entire career.  He did have a very good arm, but he made a lot of lazy throws and really didn't ever develop consistent accuracy.  

At least Love is young, healthy, and can be molded.  Cutler was beaten down mentally and physically just after a few years and he had a dour personality that really did him no favors with some of his teammates and coaches.  Let's just hope Love doesn't have as many of the Cutler traits and has more of the Mahomes traits.  

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