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Hey kids. While we are under the guise there will be season (no, I ain't holding my breath), nonetheless it looks like at the very least there will be a training camp and probably at least a start to the season. 

So in that regard, I figured we would create a master thread of TC goings on with the Packers. I believe the Packers first practice takes place August 15th. 

Here's JA. I'll say this. Him and Kevin King ain't lacking confidence. Oh. And where do I order these shades? 

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I'd assume Lazard is the presumed #2, but hell anything's possible. And maybe this is my green n' gold glasses I'm wearing, (I will be ordering a pair of Alexander's soon) but I am not giving up hope on MVS either. I think a lot of his issues were mental. He's got the size, speed and catch radius to be a good WR. 

He just has to put it all together:

I like MVS but he’s suffering a bit from Corey Bradford syndrome.  Will make some big plays but doesn’t strike me as tough or consistent enough despite having very good speed.  

I hope like hell it was just the injury that impacted his play.  If he can become a legit downfield threat then it opens everything else up underneath. 

No worries - the Packers are in great shape for two reasons:

1) The learning curve with AR is 3-4 years long.  Only one current WR on the roster qualifies - and his last name is Adams.  

2) According to Packerwire, the Packers have claimed a WR off waivers.  

I also think, right or wrong, the Packers are putting a lot of eggs into the Sternberger basket. I just hope they are right. He looked good late in the season. But because he missed so much of his rookie year, he’s not really a true “year 2” player. 

@packerboi posted:

I also think, right or wrong, the Packers are putting a lot of eggs into the Sternberger basket. I just hope they are right. He looked good late in the season. But because he missed so much of his rookie year, he’s not really a true “year 2” player. 

A lot of 1 WR sets with 3 HBs. 

A football player named Travis?
What can go wrong?

Seriously, in years past, we might guess what role he may compete for, what his chances may be, his bubble, pad level, and BFI.
Now that MLF is molding the offense to his vision, who the heck knows? He may value guys who can be physical more than guys who can catch.

In any case, it's hard to see him being much more than camp fodder. Highly unlikely MVS, EQ, or Lizard being released, I don't think he has the speed to return KO or punts, so I don't where he may fit in.

I didn't realize MVS had a nagging injury last year. Having a nagging injury and not being able to hit top gear can have an effect on confidence and also cuts out his niche (deep threat). Picture is becoming clearer as to why his role was mostly phased out. Adams went through the same thing and a lot of people dogged him as a wasted roster spot after the season, some people even thought he would be cut in TC, so hopefully we see MVS have a similar bounce back. I'm actually not as down on the WR position as I was pre-draft. I think if things fall into place with a healthy Lazard, Stern, MVS, and EQ then we have a VERY talented group that just needs to put it all together and show consistency. Factor in what Aaron Jones and Jamal Williams add in the pass game and our passing game could be shockingly good...maybe not 2011 Packers good, but surprisingly good compared to expectations. Add in some possible surprise talents like Begelton and this new kid from Seattle, maybe we didn't actually need to add a WR. We'll see.

There is no indication at GB signed Fulgham.  No announcement or addition to the team roster.  So did they really sign him?  Or is all this pending a physical or something else which hasn't happened yet?  

I severely overrated the wr group a year ago. I'd like to believe Lazard will be the 2nd big playmaker behind Adams, but the jury's still out. They didn't grab a guy in the draft, their one fa splash was a guy who opted out. Is it possible they're trying to create as many weapons inside the hashmarks specifically to take pressure off the wr group? The draft and 2nd year guys- Sternberger, Deguara, Dillon might be MLF's way of loading the field with playmakers so the warts at wr aren't such a detriment. Or he decided to try his hand at some power football on the interior field. As much as I'd like to see them succeed with the guys they have, that #2 wideout could go a long way in helping the entire offense.

Considering the contracts for Kelce and Kittle along with Mayo's background I'd say that's a good call.  I would guess they are focusing on Degoro to be a true Hback/TE short yardage guy with Sternberger being more downfield all while trying to keep defenses in the box against the run.  

It'll be interesting to see how the whole offense looks peeling off the last vestiges of McVince and an infusion of Mayo like players.  I could really see Rodgers destroying some defenses if there is so much to account for around the LOS in this offense.

I think the Packers should allow fans into the Zoom meetings since we can't go to training camp.

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