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I can believe someone, especially a young, tv faced communication major type, would not know jigaboo for the slur it is. I hadn't heard or read the word for 30+ years when it popped up again this week.

I grew up in a fairly racially ignorant area (GB in the 60's). I couldn't characterize it as racist because there was so little exposure to blacks.

I remember my mom correcting my eeny-meany-miney- mo to "tiger" because "we don't use that word in this house". I had no idea why. I was 4 or 5.

I had a cousin who would not believe that "brazil nut"  was the more correct and universally  accepted name. They were dark brown and vaguely digit shaped- they were nigger toes. That was their name!

The best is the sign on the door - sorry folks - this location is really bad but you can go to another scarf and barf just a few miles away

Al thanking his lucky stars - more choices!  Freedom!  Murica bitches

Salmonella is a small price to pay for dining at the holy grail of eateries