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I spy. I spy on buffet restaurants and tell you all about them.

The author of this site is not paid or given any remuneration from the restaurants and chains discussed here. All meals are paid for by the author. Opinions are honest and without prejudice. The name I use on this site is a "pen" name and not my own, so that restaurants will never suspect that I am there.

It's like an unholy merger of marklawrence and Al.

That lettuce wrapped around 8,000 calories will make a big difference when he plugs in that VCR and lets the ol' 8-track rip in his exercise room.


(7/16/2013 12:30:00 PM) - Al 


Second visit to Serious Burger in Appleton yesterday, right by the mall area. Second time both myself and the Rambling son walked out convinced we had the best burger known to man. Mine was delicious even in a lettuce wrap. The juices flow out like a river. Caramelized mushrooms, caramelized onions, other toppings, free. Cheese is supposed to be $1, but they didn't charge either one of us for it. 

Looks like Al won't be getting his chicken stock injection tonight.  Probably time to toss a Big Mac in the blender.




(8/09/2013 09:52:00 PM) - Al 


Yesterday, I took our rotisserie chicken carcass, put it in the crock pot, and filled it with water. It was on low for 24 hours, and late this afternoon, I put salt, garlic, and other spices in and strained out all the bones. I left in out on the counter in a large plastic mixing bowl to cool down before putting it in the fridge, about a quart plus of delicious homemade chicken stock

I went to see if it was cool in the early evening. The Rambling son, assuming it was water, had dumped it out when he filled the dishwasher.

This is why all the great chefs are single and childless. 



(8/17/2013 03:36:00 PM) - Al

I put a roast in the slow cooker this morning at 6AM, when the Rambling dog insists it is light enough that it must be time for breakfast. The problem with our roasts from the Rambling inlaws is they always have a bone in the middle, and the one today had a bone the approximate size of a human head. What looks like about three pounds of beef turns into about a pound and a half. Of course, given the quality of beef and the price we pay, I shouldn't be complaining...but I do. 

(8/22/2013 01:30:00 PM) - Al


Unless she's there looking beautiful, I don't see people flocking to eat $40 pasta dishes.


I had a $40 burger in Vegas, it was awsum.  Clearly I don't have a pulse on Vegas like al does (and clearly not the culinary chops as we completely skipped Golden Coral).  As a casual fan of pasta, I'm guessing Giada will do fine.   

Originally Posted by CAPackFan95:

(8/26/2013 01:31:00 PM) - Al 


Remember, lobster used to be fed to prisoners, considered nearly worthless

I prefer the artificial crab and lobster to the real thing, and that is just cheap whitefish and haddock. 


Al is true MURICAN!  He don't need none of that fancy schmancy real lobster or crab!

Haddock would be too expensive for the imitation crab delicacy.  Normally they use the true champion the pollack.  I think haddock would ruin the exquisite flavor of this twice a year splurge.

Someone say pie filling???


(2/26/2014 06:02:00 PM) - Al


Ramblings neighbor has been out by our mailboxes for the last fifteen minutes with a pick and shovel. Not sure if we got a "fix this or we're not delivering mail" notice or what, but I wouldn't work that hard even if we belonged to the Pie of the Month club.
It'd be far easier just stopping and picking up the mail at the post office every week or two.