Now we really have another reason to hate the Patriots.

In addition to the now multiple allegations of rape and sexual misconduct, turns out the Instagram diva likes to run up bills, and not pay them. Dudeโ€™s made $60 million as a player, not counting endorsement money. And he canโ€™t pay for a $700 charity mural? 

This lady that came to his home to paint the mural of Brown-as she was painting it, she turned around, and Brown was standing there naked, with only a towel covering his junk (please tell me it was a Terrible Towel). She ignored him, and went back to work. But when she spurned his advances, he fired her. 

What a colossal dbag. How long until the Pats sever ties with him, and Antonio Brown is a Viking? 


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The Heckler posted:

Holy crap that guy is 1000 times more of a Dbag than I realized.  He is going to end up on a 30 for 30 crying about being broke and no one understood him.  Which could very well be taped when he is in jail or just out of jail.

It took a post about not paying $700 to get you to think the guy was "1000 times more of a Dbag" than you realized???

The multiple rape allegations didn't do it for you?? 

If New England decides youโ€™re not worth the brand risk while Gordon is on the roster (pulling for that kid) then AB is well on his way to a Raging Bull kind of ending. It wonโ€™t be pretty. 

That dousche is days away from rage blaming everyone he thinks destroyed his career. 

Self destructive fucker wonโ€™t ever realize he was the worst problem he ever had. 

Having said all that.....

I have no idea what kind of guy AB was before January 9, 16. But thatโ€™s when Vontaze Burfict absolutely scrambled ABs head with one of the filthiest head shots ever delivered on a football field. AB was out cold before he hit the ground. 

Burfict was a raging maniac before he got to Zimmer right before Zimmer left for Minny. I donโ€™t think Zimmer once told Burfict to take things down a notch. 

Not saying that hit resulted in present day nutcase AB. But that was a kill shot and I wouldnโ€™t begin to know how the brain functions or recovers from something like that. 

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Boris posted:

LMFAO @ Drew Rosenhouse

DR thought bubble {Damnit! Now HOW am I going to get that 4%!!!?!?!!}

Keep trying of luck.  

Agents are likely worse than lawyers when it comes to being a weasel.
My bet is he collected his fee as soon as AB signed that contract. Making sure he gets paid before anyone else.

Regardless, couldn't happen to a nicer guy.