Armageddon 2021

By 2021 there will be a lot of stadiums built with public money. (Some of them haven't been built yet)


If the owners lockout the players again. And the players actually save up and dig in and this stoppage goes on for a very prolonged period. Who do those cities go after for breach? I'm assuming the owners? Or is it the NFL? 

Players. Save money. Save all you're money. It's the greatest bargaining chip you'll ever have. 

In 20 years, there will be a lot of 25/26 year old's in their prime who are dreaming today of playing in the NFL. The players can stop working, the owners will hire replacements. And, fans will watch.

PackFoo posted:
Blair Kiel posted:
PackFoo posted:

But...but...but...THE SHIELD!!! You have to protect the SHIELD!

(And by "Shield" I mean the self-interests of 32 rich old honkies).

Shad Khan just flipped you off in Pakistani.

32...knowledge is power motherf*ckers.

Khan is white when that's convenient, such as making him a rich white bogeyman.

He's brown when that's convenient, such as claiming any insults against him are proof of America's horrendous racism against South Asians.

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