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@ammo posted:

Yelich gets 2 hits, but none when it would really help.  And Braun hurt again too. 

As I said in another thread, if this is it for Braun he'll leave a complicated legacy. He's top 3 in almost every category in terms of offensive production in Brewer history. He's the post-season leader in almost every category. 

The Brewers have played in 44 post-season games in their history. Braun has played in over 60% of them (27).  No one else has played in more than 17. 

His first six years were the best offensive stretch for any player in Brewer history (and among the best in major league history). How much of that was him and how much of it was PEDs will always be the question. 

He did then one of the most despicable things by a player in MLB history. It wasn't the PEDs - a lot of guys we know (and a lot of guys we don't know) did that.  It was throwing the random tester under the bus to save his skin. 

He comes back after that and is just a good player who had trouble staying healthy for a full year. His contact wasn't really a bust - he remained a productive player until the end, but he only made one more all-star team. He was almost certainly the most despised Brewer player by other fans in history, but seemed to be a good teammate and a good citizen in the community. 

It's kind of fitting his career may end on a play where he gets hurt just sort of bumping into the wall in an empty stadium. He came in like a hurricane and goes out with a whimper. 

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