Bucks at Celtics

Bucks can’t shoot (again) but they’re getting the ball in the paint. Brogdon starting to be a Celtic killer. Giannis is usual spectacular self, but if this team could make an open 3 (they e had 6 wide open looks) this game’s a blowout. 

Up 3 with 2 min to go...

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Giannis with 37/13/3, Brogdon 19/4, Middleton an ok game but 6/17 from the field  but 5 TOs. 

Delly with a huge game off the bench- 15 points and the monster 3 late in the 4th. 

Big time win even with Hayward out (anyone see that gruesome injury last night???). 

Really big win.  Was impressed with their rookie (Brown) and I expect Boston will stick around in the East and be very competitive even without Hayward.

 The Bucks gave up 100 points but I didn't see a lot of easy points for Boston as it seemed like the Bucks were disrupting shots and they held their own on the glass.   They also got to the FT line 30 times instead of just settling for jumpers. 

I still have some concerns about their 3pt shooting but it was a good way to start the season with a road W


Great win. I watched the second half. The one thing I was surprised about was how little Maker played. I had expected a big jump from him in Year 2, but the matchup just didn't fit?

I watched Hayward's injury. It was gruesome. Paul George came back from something similar and seems fine now, so hopefully that's the case for Hayward.

It seemed to me that both Brogdon and Delly have slimmed down a bit and appeared quicker as a result?  Both guys played very well. 

Not sure why Maker only had 14 minutes.  He was making a difference on the glass and disrupted a few shots as well.  Maybe they are playing it safe but I also think Kidd wants to get Teletovic more touches and Monroe certainly played well enough to warrant the minutes. 

Maker got in foul trouble in the first half. Plus he was pretty ineffective offensively, and Henson actually looked decent when he came on for Moose when he got 2 fouls. The officials were really blowing the whistle in the first half, a lot on the Bucks. 

Jalen Brown is in his second year- and he has a chance to be really good. But still very young. 

I absolutely loved the scrap that Smart and Delly got in. Smart tried to set a blind pick as they came up the floor and Delly gave him a good shot with his shoulder. Plus Smart flopped a bit, and got the call- but then he gets up pissed off and gets in Delly’s face. Just stupid- and that seemed to light the Bucks fire a bit. Delly is not a liked dude but on your team I’m all about it.

Big test Friday, and after what Portland did last night they might be a pretty good test as well. 

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