Other than 1 brutally bad 3 attempt, Brogdon looked like he was his old self.

Bledsoe was very good tonite.  He was under control and his decision making was excellent.  He had a couple awful games in this series but had some good ones to make up for it.  This close out game felt like the best he played in the series.

Man the Bucks are deep with Brogdon back.

People forget how well the Celtics played last year in the playoffs without Kyrie and Hayward.  Rozier was one of those guys. 

Not to mention guys like Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum constantly being mentioned in trade rumors; that couldn’t have helped. 

Everyone knows Kyrie Irving isn’t sticking around so it’s made even worse the fact he’s eating up possessions and minutes from others that want to be there. 

Much like the Lakers what a ****ing mess that team is and I absolutely love it. 

Boris posted:

If you'd like some delicious Schadenfreude


TV announcers Marv Albert and Chris Webber talked a lot, throughout the game, on how the Celtics were a team that did not play together. Webber would go on to say you can tell there is a level of mistrust when there are no passes to other teammates as they make their way down the court. There was no willingness to establish any kind of inside game, either. That was good for the Bucks, who looked like a team on a mission! Go Bucks! Fear The Deer!

Boris posted:

Ok Boston fans.....say it with me now....


Loved that photo they showed in the half time show of tourists posing on the beach with that sign. My wife and I were just there for spring break, posed with the same sign. Thought they had the Celts pegged, that it was just a scrimmage to them.

I'm hoping for a Bucks-Rockets final. Harden vs. Giannis.

Pretty sure Chuck Barkley said 1 2 3 Cancun in reference to the Celtics after game 4.  

Inside the NBA is hands down the best show of all the majors.  The banter and honesty is spot on.  Chuck in particular just tells it like it is. 

Need to get past either Toronto or Philly but I want the Warriors.  Got to beat the best to be the best and given they would have home court advantage I would like their odds.  

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