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The fact that Brogdon missed substantial time in the previous two seasons is probably the main reason why the Bucks front office was not willing to give him the contract he got from Indiana. Maybe this is just a minor thing and he'll be back next week, but it's possible this is the start of another stretch of missed games. 

I love the guy personally, but he was flagged by several teams medical staffs before the draft and that's why he made it into the 2nd round. There is no question the Bucks would have been better with a healthy Brogdon than with Wesley Matthews. Maybe he is the next Steph Curry in terms of getting over being injury prone (Curry's ankles are still a major issue), but the Bucks couldn't risk 21 million a year to find out.  I don't think it was a luxury tax issue not to keep him, it was a medical decision. 

It’s one of their better wins of the year 

Holding any team to 80ish points means you played defense.  That’s something Milwaukee has not done much all year.

You win by 20 and shoot less than 30% from 3.  Helps when you are +30 differential points in the paint 

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Donte D has some real potential I think.  His shot looks silky smooth even though it hasn't been going in all the time.  Then again, I thought the same thing about Thon Maker and he never was able to get his jumper to consistently go in. 

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Agree on DD 

Hes a decent athlete and has a certain swagger about him.  His outside shooting needs to improve but like his ability to defend. 

I remember one game last year, I could not believe how high Donte got up for a rebound he was going for.  They talk about guys who can "pick a quarter up off the top of the backboard".  In his case, I bet he could actually pull it off, he's got great hops.