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@Music City posted:

What did they think? They were going to quit? Well, they started going one on one and early shots… now their lead is gone.

The offense in the first quarter was mainly Middleton beating guys in isolation and Giannis beating guys in isolation. They were great, but no one else got into any rhythm. I wonder what the NBA record is for point swing within a game. The Bucks were up 21, but I wouldn't be surprised if they lost by 30.

@Cheezers posted:

Someone else said it before, but whoever's idea it is/was to have Giannis hold the ball so long on his FT attempts should be fired on the spot.   Christ, get the ball from the ref, one dribble, set, shoot.

That was me in a previous thread. It's exactly the opposite of what a guy in his position should be doing. He's freezing up. The longer you hold the ball the worse that gets.