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I mean, this is getting ridiculous

Holiday has stoned Harden and what do you know he picks up his 3rd foul.  What bullshit.

Everyone knows if Milwaukee wins this game the series is over in game 6 so why not tilt the calls in the Nets favor to keep them within striking distance?  

The Bucks have dominated them in the first half but you wouldn’t know it on the scoreboard

I mean is Harden even 50%?   When healthy he’s a top 5-6 player in the league. A backup right now would be better for them.  

Jeff Green has been their best player and that won’t get it done.  As long as the refs don’t foul the Bucks out and/or KD doesn’t go crazy in the 2nd half the Bucks should get this one.  

But the TNT crew is right - it’s a 16 point lead but should be more like 25 which ultimately means it’s over.

The Bucks need to come out strong in the 3Q and bury these fuckers.  Do not let Brooklyn hang around and give the refs a chance to let them steal this one.   Play smart and get it done Milwaukee.