Ersan Ilyasova (illness)- PROBABLE

Giannis (ankle)- QUESTIONABLE

Mirotic (thumb)- 

George Hill (groin)-

Donte DiVincenzo (heel)-

Sterling Brown (wrist)-

Pau Gasol (ankle)-

Malcolm Brogdon (foot)-


Guys not on injury report: Bledsoe, Middleton, Lopez, Connaughton, Snell, DJ Wilson, plus some combination of Tim Frazier, Jaylen Morris, and Travon Duval.

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Tschmack posted:

It’s tough to watch but a team with Bledsoe and Middleton and Lopez and their bench should still be leading a terrible Cleveland team.  Need to finish this and get the W. 

Not with having to play a guy like Frazier. I get he's like their 7th guard, but he's bad enough to get you beat. 

Tough loss. Just could never get over the hump. Cleveland has some players, but if Giannis plays this is a 15 point win. I get you want to save him and get him healthy, but he put up big numbers in the 4th quarter against the Sixers on that ankle. I'd rather play him against the Cavs and get a surer win and rest him closer to the playoffs. 

The exposure of Connaughton’s poor on ball defense and the Bucks’ inability to defend the perimeter in general really leaps out. They also got hammered on the O boards again- something Philly did as well. 

I think that the folks who were thinking “max Middleton and run this roster back” got a big dose of reality the last couple weeks. The truth is they need a #2 scorer, a backup Pg, and more athleticism on the wing. They need to go big in FA... really big. 

For all the good moves Jon Horst has made I really have to question the Frazier signing.  I mean, yes they are thin in the backcourt but that guy is terrible.  He can’t seem to make baskets and defensively he’s not very good. 

Please get healthy George Hill and Sterling Brown.  They will not win many games marching out a lineup like they did last night.  Philly is only 6 back and Toronto 2 back now.  

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