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@Blair Kiel posted:

Not to be a total dick…but the banner says β€œWorld Champions β€œ

When did we beat Serbia?

The reality is, the day is fast approaching when a European team could well be the best hoops team in the world.

God Bless America and our sports ego.

To my knowledge, of the 5(!) top tier professional leagues in the US only MLS has restrictions on the nationality of players. Any of the others COULD suit up a full roster of Serbian nationals if they thought that the best way to go. All foreign sports leagues I know of also have similar, mostly more restrictive rules.

The Stanley Cup winner is not proclaimed "World Champion" by anyone associated with the league. The other 3 sports champs do make that brag and it's not unreasonable, given A) the number of top level players coming from overseas (notably baseball but more and more  basketball) and B) the almost unique nature of the NFL.

@Tschmack posted:

Harden shot well from 3 (4-8) but was 2-8 on other shots.  Had 8 boards and 8 assists.  He only got to the line 4 times.

The Bucks went right at him defensively and held him to 20 points.   You do that, and it’s going to be hard for Brooklyn to win unless KD goes for like 50 and a couple of their role players go berserk.

Harden did his thing multiple times last night where he flops on 3 point shots and purposely lands on his side completely stretched out with both legs parallel to the floor. He didn't get one of those calls last night.

In terms of role players going berserk, how much more berserk can you get than Patty Mills going 7 for 7 from three?

The fact he only got 4 FT attempts backs up the idea that the refs aren’t going to take the bait.  Trae Young is next on the list.  

A big reason Harden is the scorer he is due to 85-90% FT shooting and he is used to drawing bullshit fouls to get easy points that way.

KD was pretty pedestrian, if 30+ points can be such a thing.  The issue is against a good defensive team like Milwaukee someone other than KD has to chip in.  Patty Mills was one of those guys giving them 21 but James Johnson played 21 minutes and had 1 point.  Griffin played 23 minutes and had 6 points.   Aldridge played 16 minutes and had 1 point.  Joe Harris played 31 minutes and had 9 points.  Jevon Carter played 19 minutes and didn’t score a single point.

Unless Harden and KD are giving them 80 points a night (and someone like Mills and Harris go crazy) how are they going to beat teams like Milwaukee?   Nwora would have been Brooklyn’s 3rd or 4th best player last night.  

Think what the score would have been if Holiday and Portis played their normal minutes.  Holiday was on his way to having a big night before getting hurt.

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I couldn’t care less if the banner read world champs, or NBA champs, or best team on the planet.  If basketball were such a big deal in Europe or China or anywhere else the best players in the world would form their own pro teams and leagues.  But why?  The NBA is king and everyone knows it.

What I really want to know is why the Bucks, with billionaire owners and unlimited resources, created and hung a banner that looks like it cost $29 dollars to make?   You have a top notch facility, arguably the best and most exciting team on the planet, but looks like you ordered it from Wal Mart?  

I get it but the Bucks aren’t the Yankees or Celtics.   They don’t have 15 world title banners to display.

I mean, there is a balance.  I’ll admit the Brewers highlighting wild card appearances within the stadium or the Badgers highlighting Rose Bowl appearances outside the skyboxes does seem a little over the top.  But it’s a world championship.  Get a banner that stands out a little more!!!

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