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Good spot for a letdown. After beating down the odds-on favorite to win it all Friday, the world has been remarkably silent about the statement made. Nonetheless, that game was the most locked-in the Bucks have been in any game in my lifetime. How would you not come down some after that performance? 

Granted, Giannis’ fire to compete should prevent them from a letdown, Orlando is an improved team and it wouldn’t be shocking... 

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I am more concerned later this week on the back to back and then heading into big games next week v Dallas and the LAL.  

I forgot who posted it but had Bogdonovic not hit the game winning 3 in Utah they could be around 20 in a row right now.




Yes. The Lakers beat the Wolves (in what was a relatively close game until late) in the Wolves' third game of a West Coast trip and the ESPN page main article is how much of a statement the Lakers made and how great AD is. 

The Bucks blow the Clippers out of the arena on Friday (relatively rested Clippers team) and it is a passing reference nationally. The Bucks need to have a chip on their shoulders about that and use it to keep motivated. 

The Magic are the type of team that can get hot from 3 and beat anyone, so the Bucks need to make sure they don't give up too many uncontested 3s. 

Bucks are 3-0 so far in games I have been in attendance, so hopefully it's 4-0 after I go there tonight.  That Clippers game was one fun game to be at, but I have to admit, they're probably bound to have a letdown after that beating they put on LA.  Here's to hoping they dig deep and find a way to keep the streak going.

Out to a 13 point lead and then a classic Middleton poor play sequence we haven't seen in a few games where he has 2 turnovers and a missed layup in non-Giannis minutes. Allows Orlando to go on an 8-0 run. 

Elite defense being played tonight. They’re getting the rotation figured out now. And I have to compliment Middleton since he came back- he’s not doing the “my turn” shit anymore, he’s playing the system and letting the game come to him. 

He’s still prone to boneheaded turnovers but he seems to have seen the light. 

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Bucks shooting 38%... still up 12. They’re rusty after 2 nights off. And while I complimented Middleton, he’s 3/10. Bucks 8/24 from 3, 12/28 from 2, 4/8 from the line. 

ANd they lead by 12 because Orlando’s been held to 29% shooting. 

Giannis goes 32/15/8 and it didn't even seem like that good a game for him. I'm getting spoiled. 

He does need to be better than 6 for 12 from the line. Hack a Giannis happened once in the last minute and he went 1 for 2. 

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Giannis to Midd... and they finally put these guys away. 

I guy like Isaac is one of the few guys that can somewhat slow Giannis down. It seemed like it even though Giannis was 12-22 from the floor 

Another boring win 

Saw Martinez, and pretty sure Zadarius, Rashan, Keke, and Montravious at Fiserve tonight. Arrived late and left early. Good vibe for a Monday !!

Getting spoiled with another Ho-hum 30+-10+ from Gianni


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The Bucks have played 24 games and are 21-3.   Of their losses the game against Miami and at Utah could very easily have been wins.  They’ve also only had a total of two “close wins” - Utah at home and at LAC.  

I guess what I am trying to say is this is a pretty damn good team and quite honestly they can get better.  

What’s insane is they could go .500 the rest of the way and still finish 53-29.  In the East this year I think it’s a race to 60 wins for the top seed.   I think Boston has staying power and the Sixers should be in the hunt but I do not think Miami or Toronto or Indiana can get there.  

The "letdown" happened in the 2nd half when they kept allowing Magic to hang around. 

Middleton with the dagger 3.

This is the quietest 15 game win streak in NBA history. 

I'm guessing the NBA really wants Giannis out of Milwaukee.

I swear to Christ if Giannis leaves in summer of 2020 the NBA can go fuck themselves.