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That’s one of Coan’s issues.  He doesn’t get the ball out quickly.  Against good teams that won’t get it done.

The Badgers have decent receivers but the QB isn’t good. 

Mertz needs to start next year.

Mertz should start next week. Coan is OK but he's not elite. We are not going to contend for a championship anymore this year - so let's see what we have in Mertz. Get him ready for next year. If he's as good as advertised then he won't be around for 4 years so give him a shot while he's still here. 

The Badgers probably 5 games left (4 regular season games plus the bowl). Mertz has already played in 2 games, so he can play in 2 more and still retain his redshirt. It would be stupid to burn a year of eligibility at this point by playing more than that, so we'll probably see him in the Minnesota game and the bowl for at least a series or two. 

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