Tschmack posted:

Coan is a disaster 

How can this team not be able to find a QB? 

Jim Leonard also has his work cut out for him.   Lots of injuries but man just not fundamentally sound. 


Yup, the Badger formula of no penalties, great special teams, effort from unknowns,  solid , solid D,  consistent O line play and the ability to control the game by RTFB is missing this year.  Getting plenty of yards on the ground but mostly on big plays.  With this QB a 4 yard and a cloud  of dust  O is needed, this line seems unable to do that.  Both PC and JL need to get er back on track.

And to think coming into this season some thought this might be their best offense yet.   Tough to be decent when you can’t complete a goddamn pass. 

Then again, this all world OL at times has looked very ordinary.  That’s tough to figure out. 

In the meantime the defense missed a few more tackles.  Ugh 

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