Captain Obvious here, but the pitching has to improve. Spending money just to spend money gets you into problems, but sometimes you get what you pay for.

The Brewers entire pitching staff has a cumulative salary of 29 million dollars. Only Chacin and Anderson make more than 3 million and they are both in the 6-7 range.

There are five individual pitchers that make more than the entire Brewers staff and there are 86 pitchers that make more than Brewers highest paid pitcher (Chacin).


At 13-11, I'm not sure I'd say the offense is really bailing anyone out.  It's basically been Yelich and Grandal with a wee bit of help from Braun and even a wee-er bit of help from Cain.

Time to end the Shaw and Jesus movements.  They have really regressed. At lease the Brewers pitching staff can hit, they sure aren't actually pitching well.

It’s not the hitting 

The pitching has been borderline awful.  Starters and relievers.  Even the immortal Josh Hader has been torched

The control (or lack thereof) has been suspect. Look at all the walks.  These guys can’t hit their spots and when they do the opposing batters take full advantage 


Brewers pitchers have given up 3 solo home runs tonight. 

That's now 46 home runs in 25 games. They are on pace after a little less than 20% of the season to give up 298 home runs. 

The Yankees have the MLB record for HRs in a season from last year when they hit 267 home runs. 

The Reds staff gave up 258 HRs as a staff in 2016.


The Brewers staff is on pace to make history. 

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