So this week NW comes to Madison for a 1100 am kickoff.  I hate to keep saying the words "trap game" but this one could be just that.  NW hasn't been playing well so far but this is the type of spot that they find a way to all of sudden find themselves.

Personally, I think Chryst is going to do what he did last week and just grind down the NW defense with the Hippo package.  From what I have read it is 7-8 lineman, 2 TE's for a combined weight of around 2,900 lbs. 

As usual I think the play of the UW Qb will be the key to this one.  I think Coan does just enough and Bucky pulls out a closer than we thought win 27-17

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Goldie posted:

Way to go Bucky......  and you do know I want a crushing right??      

You do know that in the new "woke" tie-breaking procedure, teams are penalized for victories over 20 points? 

Something about hurting the losing teams feelings.

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