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Titans at Chiefs

Titans are shocking the world with their deep run to the AFC Championship Game. I'm actually not surprised they won. Its the tried & true formula for winning in the NFL. Run the ball. Play defense. Don't turn the ball over. We've watched the Bears do this for years.

I believe Mahomes will do something great that the Titans cannot overcome. Titans best defense is to keep Derrick Henry on the field & Mahomes off it. The Chiefs had their "ooopsie" game last week with all the turnovers early. Their offense STILL dropped 51 on the Texans. I think they're a freight train right now & next stop is Miami. The ride stops here for the Titans Chiefs 44 Titans 20

Packers at 49'ers

Well, here we are. The "Deep Run" in the playoffs that nobody wanted to believe in except the guys in that locker room at 1265. Worst 14-3 team of all time. Fraudulent team, right?? Records of teams in a 2nd game after getting curb stomped by 25 or more is 22-14 (So I've heard elsewhere) meaning the team winning the first matchup still wins a majority of the 2nd matchup.

This game is all about controlling the LoS. Who does it best, will win.

The biggest key to this game is the Packer O-Line vs. the Niner D-Line. It really comes down to that. Alex Light vs Bosa is a complete joke of a matchup. Fortunately we won't be seeing that to start the game. The Niners have 49 first round draft choices on the defense because they've drafted in the top of the draft for the last decade. Garappolo himself said his ACL tear may have been a blessing in disguise because they got Bosa. The Packer O-Line definitely has it's work cut out. They are the best pass blocking O-Line in the league. Now it's time to prove it against the best defense in the league. Will they hold up? It will be a fascinating matchup to see. 

Packers gave the Niners the blueprint to beat the Vikings & the Viking O-Line is no match for the Niners or the Packers. That's why we are here. These are the 2 best teams in the NFC. Saints would've lost to Green Bay had they beaten the Vikings.

The Packer D-Line (IMO) is a little better than the Niner O-Line. They have a shot to get after Jimmy & force some bad throws. Their task will be stopping the run of that 3-headed monster (Mostert, Breida & Coleman). If they can do that, I believe they can put some pressure on Jimmy G. & Jimmy will toss up a few. The question is....will our DB's catch the INT? Because they really haven't so far (Except Kark Cuzzins).

How will this game end?

It's going to be tight, gut-wrenching, nerve wracking. Probably take another decade off my life. Not sure how many I have left.

Can the Packers get +2 in the turnover ratio? I believe if they do, they will win this game 26-23 with Mason Crosby kicking a 52 yard FG as time expires after getting "iced" by Shanahan. 

Packers 26 49'ers 23

So that's it folks. Are you ready to head to Miami for Super Bowl LIV?

I know this much....No matter what happens, I'm super proud of this team & how they've battled all year long. If the ride ends after Sunday, I stand up & clap & cheer because it's been a tremendous ride. Thank you Packers. Thanks for making me believe again.





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I also predict that the Chiefs will pull away from the Titans after a close three quarters.  Mahomes and the speed of the KC offense is just too much for the Titans.

Chiefs 38 Titans 20

As for the Packers I am way to superstitious to predict this one ( never pick the Packers ever) but I will say that this game will be really really close and the 49ers will be shocked when the Packers come out and punch them in the mouth HARD.

Boris, I am also so proud of this team and it has been fun to watch this year.  I never saw this coming and even if they go down Sunday I am freaking excited for the direction this team is going in.  It would be so freaking cool if the Packers can win this one to stick it to the media and others who think this team is so mediocre/mirage.

I never bet or seldom make predictions.  In a weird way the Titans are hurt if Henry gains his normal 7 yds per carry or takes off on a 50 yarder.  They need 3.4 yards at a time, 20 play drives, keeping the KC O on the bench.  That and no turnovers.  If they can do this they have a chance.  

The Pack?   Head and heart.   My head says SF is the better team and at home. My key for this game is hang around and give AR a shot at the end. No missed tackles and no dropped INT s.  Why not us?

SF D could very well copy SEA's gameplan to stop AJ and the run and force AR to throw.  Difference is SF has the talent to make that plan work.  The only guy that could get open last sunday was DA and the occasional JG.  SEA didn't have the DB's to plaster Adams but SF does, by quantity if not by quality.  SF DL will pass rush when down and distance calls for it but maintain gap discipline to top the run. 

MLF needs to come up with the best gameplan of his young career to find the back doors in this SF D.  If he does that, AR continues at altitude and the D plays lights out, we have a chance.  For all those who have been saying basically every week that "they're winning and they still haven't played a complete game", this is the week they need to play that complete game. 

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I really like what I'm hearing from Rodgers and MLF. I think SF is in for a rude awakening. Game will either be low scoring and close, like 21-17, or it will be a track meet that ends 49-45. Either way I think GB wants redemption after being embarrassed and Rodgers desperately wants a second ring. I think he will be sharp and Jones will run hard. SF will play well for sure, but I don't think it's going to be enough. 

TN will play well and keep the game tight, but Mahomes magic will win out. Predicting that one will be 35-24 Chiefs. 

GB vs. KC in the SB is ideal for the NFL in Year 100. 

Gotta wear out SF's DL and make them chase. I want them going side to side on tosses, jet sweeps, bubble screens, etc., so they tire out and ease some of the rush, and to bring those DBs up and make them tackle to get them tired and closer to the line. Later, that will give Jones a chance to break longer runs consistently to get down-and-distance in our favor. Then we keep the chains moving with the mid-distance throws and middle runs. If we do those things successfully, Rodgers will, in the third and fourth quarters, be able to take some shots down the field and hit them -- back-breakers. This game is going to require patience on the part of MLF and Rodgers. They may have to pound and pound and go three-and-out often in the first half and rely on their D to shut down SF. Rodgers can't afford to get impatient and start holding the ball, wanting to go long or start freelancing, or he's going to let those DL tee off. 

On D, we need to cover the short stuff from the start. Jimmy G can be rattled, but you have to take away his short options, get some hits on him, and ask him to throw long. If he is successful to Kittle, his RBs, and short stuff, he'll get his feet under himself and get tougher as the game goes on. Rattle him early and often, and shake his confidence. In order to do this, of course, we have to shut down the run and make JG pass.

I think SF has the superior team personnel, and this will really be a test of where we need to upgrade personnel. If GB wins, it will really be a testament to MLF, Pettine, and the coaching staff.

Henry posted:

I counter with these two arguments

1) 2 receivers capable of that kind of aerial game

2) Jimmy G in the playoffs is laughable.

Can you name a receiver from NO or LAR off the top of your head that isn't Michael Thomas, Jared Cook, or Cooper Kupp? Maybe you guys follow those teams more closely, but it doesn't seem they're stacked with elite receivers either. 

Grave Digger posted:
Henry posted:

I counter with these two arguments

1) 2 receivers capable of that kind of aerial game

2) Jimmy G in the playoffs is laughable.

Can you name a receiver from NO or LAR off the top of your head that isn't Michael Thomas, Jared Cook, or Cooper Kupp? Maybe you guys follow those teams more closely, but it doesn't seem they're stacked with elite receivers either. 

If you're saying elite receivers then there is definitely only one.  That includes the entire TE corp as well.  Again, when your WRs are known for their blocking you've got a problem.

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