"Oh My Fricken God Did You Hear The News?!?!!!!!?  A college student borrowed money!"

I'm no fan of OSU but am I the only one who thinks the media's reaction to this is over the top? 

I get the NCAA needs to look into it, and I get that they want prevent this kind of thing.  What I'm talking about is the national media's reaction.  He borrowed money.  He paid it back.  Is it really a reason to go ape shit?

Just once I'd like to hear a sportscaster say, "Um this really isn't that big of a deal." Instead they act like he burned downed the stadium or something.

What do you all think?


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I was watching the O$U game. O$U onsides kick successful after going up 14-0. LOL. Who is coaching Maryland's ST's...Meninga? They were up 28-0 when I switched over to the Minn/Penn St game. Little more competitive. 21-10 Minnesota right now. 

Oh yeah...Chase borrowed 💰💰 💰 That's as bad as toilet papering the Sorority house. Bailiff....whack his pee-pee!!

GBFanForLife posted:

Who cares, it's fucking Ohio State 

It's just the stupidity of it when guys in the SEC are making tens of thousands playing.

It's better for the kid. He's playing for nothing right now and he's a top 5 pick. The fewer snaps he takes before he gets paid, the better. 

Ok so I have the misfortune of living 45 minutes from Columbus so you can guess what I am hearing about constantly.  From what I have heard is that the NCAA is looking in to how Young paid that loan off so quickly and where the money came from.  And yes by the sound of it the "family friend" may indeed be an agent.

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