packerboi posted:

A lot of fu**ing  idiots on sports radio today. 105.7 The Fan stating this could be a long term issue because the knee cap is weight bearing. 

No, it's not. Jeebus. As long as this is a fairly straight forward non-displaced fracture, he'll be fine. Even if displaced, he still should be fine. The alarmist/shock-jock bullshit disinformation is ridiculous 

Thanks Doc, I feel better

Tschmack posted:

At this point if the Brewers keep winning it will all sort itself out.  The Nationals have a really difficult stretch so thatโ€™s good but in terms of Chicago and STL Iโ€™m actually pulling for the Cubs.   Why?  The Cardinals are the better team and Iโ€™d feel a lot better with Milwaukee matching up against them v St Louis.  


Nah. The likelihood of catching the Cards is very small. Cards sweep Cubs this weekend effectively ending their season, get in the playoffs, and pull a 2006 Cards...

Donโ€™t disagree itโ€™s not likely but winning the division v wildcard is a big deal.  If Milwaukee keeps winning and those teams split 3-4 or 4-3 there is a chance the Brewers could steal the division. 

Chicago has to win the next two IMO for that to happen.  If STL wins 2 of 3 or sweeps I donโ€™t see them giving up a 4 or 5 game lead with 7-8 games remaining. 

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