Dan Patrick or Dan Lebatard?

i flip back and forth when advertisements are on one channel......but, just curious between these two, which one do you like better?  I’m starting to lean toward Dan Lebatard myself.......I just hate when Dan Patrick’s danettes have to raise their hand to speak, on Dan L’s show they just sorta talk over each other......not rudely, but it’s sorta a free for all.  

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GBP1 posted:

I do not like the Dan Patrick Show.  By himself Patrick is good with interviews.  But the interactions he has with his cronnies really, really turns me off.   

I do not listen to Lebatard.

Hate the way the danette’s have to raise their hands to speak, then Dan will call on them.....

I do listen to Dan Lebatard......he’s a huge Aaron, my boyfriend, fan.  Put’s him way atop my list.  

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