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@Timpranillo posted:

Thank god the Cardinals don't have 7 games left with the Cubs!

I know you were being sarcastic, but it is very disconcerting at this point.

If you assume the worst and think the Brewers will get swept by the Cards in the 3 games in St. Louis, the division lead is down to 4 in the loss column.

Other than that, the Brewers have 3 games vs. the Mets and 3 vs. the Dodgers.

The Cards have the other 7 left against the Cubs.

What looked ridiculous to even think about is now at least in play. That is a complete Brewer collapse to end up as a wild card team. They literally needed to win 1 of these 4 games and they could have guaranteed a relaxing last 9 games. Now, they absolutely need to win at least 2, if not 3, games against the Mets.