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Couple things of note. it looks like Hader and Williams are back on track.  Today Williams threw 10 pitches, 8 for strikes. Hader was 11 pitches,  8 strikes.  He had 15 pitches and 11 strikes Fri. and 19 pitches and 11 strikes on Sat.   Now he can rest for several days. 

Another point, how can Vogelbach get the base on balls he draws?  He has 42 walks on 205 at bats.  Compare that to Garcia with 45 walks with 445 at bats and Navarez with  40 walks with 376 at bats.   I think it is interesting that a man with his size can draw that many walks per at bats.

Anyway, CONGRATS BREW CREW!!!!!  A team with more heart than I've ever seen.  They may not have as much talent as the 1982 Brewers,  But they have the heart that may win it all.

Quite a year for Wisconsin sports.  First a Bucks Championship.  Then on the day that Wisconsin born Steve Stricker captains the U S team to the greatest and largest  victory ever in the Ryder Cup, in Wisconsin no less  the Brewers clinch a Division title.   And the Packers look good so far in San Fran.   Great day and year for Wisconsin Pro Sports.

EDIT:  Last second Packer win is a perfect ending to this day!!!         

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