Well, Seattle is very very good, except against Jeff Fisher coached teams for whatever reason.  

There's a reason I want to avoid them in the first round.  

It's coming together though.  

Week 17
SEA beats AZ
GNB beats MIN

Wild Card
GNB beats MIN 
SEA beats @WAS

Divisional Round
SEA beats @CAR 
GB beats @AZ 

NFC Championship
GB beats SEA 

Super Bowl
GB beats KC in Super Bowl L, a rematch of Super Bowl I 

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Pack-Man posted:
Boris posted:

Gerg....Out of the league next year??? Wish his sister would tweet for us

It'd be hilarious to see him come back to Green Bay for the vet minimum, only to be cut in training camp. That would be total humiliation.

Problem is that I think I'd rather see him lining up for Green Bay right now than Davante Adams.