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Steffen's days at City are over, City signing Stefan Ortega from just relegated Arminia Bielefeld.

Talk about an absolute decline...when City signed Steffen, his star was fast he's not even the best keeper on the USMNT. I feel for the kid...really thought he'd be the next Tim Howard...he just never developed. TBF Pep's use of keeper wasn't going to translate well to the international game...he needs to be at a club where it's more important what he does in between the pipes than what he does with the ball at his feet.

Berhalter is a lightweight…he got the squad back to top 3 in CONCACAF which is a low bar. He’s got more talent to work with than any coach before him…but Canada owns his ass.

If they play to ability they will come in 2nd in the group and advance to the knockout round. That the WC is in November there is a reasonable shot England could have some key players out with injury…that makes an upset, even a draw, possible. Southgate is garbage…he has been known to Mike McCarthy from time to time.

He was most fouled player in PL when he was at Villa...people got called a lot too. The amount of calls that went his way dropped off a cliff once he joined City.

Imagine that...

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If we were just talking about total fouls you'd be correct, however, his fouls per minutes play dropped off a cliff too. Maybe because he was playing in bigger games where more was at stake refs swallowed the whistle more than they would say if Villa was down by 3 at Liverpoo or some such thing...but fact is, he stopped getting calls once he came to City compared to his previous years at AV.

But only one season of data, so let's see what happens year 2...and his minutes played will assuredly go up with Sterling and Jesus now gone.

Also...funny note of the night...did anyone notice when Haaland scored Lambeau started playing "Bang the Drum All Day?"