Geronimo Allison Suspended

Not the brightest thing to do on a WR corp that's extremely deep...

The NFL says that a Packers wide receiver will miss the first game of the regular season after violating the league's substance abuse policy.

Geronimo Allison will miss Week 1 vs. Seattle.

He can take part in the entire preseason, including practices and games, and can return to the active roster on Monday, Sept. 11

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The next CBA should be interesting.
It's a popular opinion that the NFLPA will want to the league to be much more lenient with marijuana-related infractions, if not completely eliminate it from testing.
The league will either stay the course, or extract a heavy price for that concession. One the player's union likely shouldn't pay, but certainly may.
Please note the HGH testing/program has yet to be implemented.....

Until that happens, however, you gotta play under the current rules. 
I totally agree with C'JON's basic premise; how anyone on an active NFL roster puts themselves into a position to be NOT  be on one is mind-boggling. No matter if it's drugs, alcohol, violence, all leads to the same conclusion. 
Unemployed and (likely) broke is no way to go through life.

ChilliJon posted:

How anyone that works to get to the NFL hangs a sign on their back that screams "Expendable" in front of kids that have worked to get to the NFL. 

**** it's amazing how **** all stupid some of these people are. I mean staggeringly dumb. 

Yes sir I completely agree.  Seriously if you are going to be taking part in hippy lettuce why not just leave it at home?  Or better yet how about you lay off of it until your career is over? 

I don't get to watch a lot of college ball anymore but by some random coincidence happened to see half a game with him in 2015.  He had a great game but when he went undrafted I figured he was just one of those WR's who happened to have a career game on that particular day.  Looks like maybe he's still growing.

Packers Camp Insider: Geronimo Allison showing growth

Quietly, wide receiver Geronimo Allison has pushed his way into contention for considerable playing time. Allison, who was a string bean coming out of Illinois last year, has increased his weight from 196 to 202 pounds and with it has come a noticeable increase in strength. Last year, Allison worked his way from the practice squad onto the 53-man roster and into a supplementary role down the stretch. His position on the depth chart hasn’t changed; he’s still No. 4 in the pecking order, but watching him in practice Tuesday it’s obvious he’s going to draw throws from quarterback Aaron Rodgers

Amazing how far the guy has come in less than a year.

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