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Forgot to say that they are available to watch at  Click on the "Legacy" link on the home page. 

And they are available on you-tube.  Search under "Packers Legacy" and they will appear.  

Thanks G O L I'm going to be on the shelf for about 6 weeks and it will give me something to do when the weather is crappy and I can't go outside to yell at kids to get off my lawn! 

The 1970's segment last week was tough to watch.  The 1980's segment this week was also tough.  

You can say that again.  They were both brutal, depressing and frustrating.  Devine was the primary reason for the dismal 70's.  He had a great opportunity to take that '72 Packers team all the way to the Super Bowl, but his horrible ego and jealously of Starr cost us that playoff game against the Redskins.  He then bankrupted the team of its choice draft picks for years with the Hadl trade, the worst in NFL history.  I so rooted for Starr to succeed the rest of that decade and into the 80's.  The poor guy was not only hamstrung by what Devine did to him, but an almost unbelievable string of devastating injuries to his best players and his inability to see his failings as a GM and not listen better to folks like Dick Corrick doomed him to failure.  '72 #1 pick CB Willie Buchanon breaks his leg in '75 after doing same in '73; After trading for him in '76, QB Lynn Dickey breaks his leg in '77, misses the next 2 seasons (!); '78 #1B pick OLB John Anderson breaks his arm 3 years in a row (!);  '79 #1 pick HB Eddie Lee Ivery tears up his knee 2 years in a row (!); '80 #1 pick NT Bruce Clark bolts for Canada (!); Starr passes on QB Joe Montana in '79 and S Ronnie Lott in '81 (!); And 77 #1A pick DE Mike Butler goes to the USFL in '83, a key reason why the '83 defense was the worst in the league that year and ultimately cost Starr his job.  Has any NFL team -- and one coach/GM -- ever had worse luck in such a short span?               

@michiganjoe posted:

I've got the Packers app (Roku TV) and plan to set aside some time to watch the whole thing.

The Green Bay Packers channel on Roku has a ton of stuff to watch. Thanks for the tip.  The alumni interviews with Wayne Larivee are really good. I only watched the Carrol Dale and John Anderson ones so far but they were great. Lots of player highlights.  It was so cool watching Bart throw those bombs to Dale. 

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