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....and so it begins....


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I don't think this is going to be a blowout. The Bear's defense is too good. As many have said, the coaching staff has to develop a plan that doesn't allow your weaknesses in personnel or scheme to get you beat (a mistake-prone UDFA returning kicks, a WR with track speed handling the ball in traffic on a play you would normally call for a slot guy or a RB, having a Pro Bowl pass rusher covering WRs, playing dime defense on the first 7 plays of the second half to allow them to established a running game). 

If you are going to get beat, make them beat your best, not your worst.

The betting houses top pick this week:

Ranking teaser options

There's one clear option to stick at the top of our rankings, and it's a team that should be in every teaser this week: the Packers. Aaron Rodgers and Co. suffered an overtime loss against a good Colts team last week, and now they square off against a Bears team coming off the bye. Despite having two weeks to prepare for this game, it's unlikely the Bears have found a magic elixir for their mediocre offense, and therefore it seems unlikely they'll be able to keep up with the Packers in this matchup.

1. Packers -2.5 vs. Bears

The Bears followed up an awful performance against a defense that had been historically bad on third downs at the time (Titans) with an offensive dud for the ages, gaining just 149 yards of offense against the Vikings on primetime. The Packers offense has been shut down exactly one time this season (at Buccaneers) and just handled another good defense last week, scoring 31 against the Colts.

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This might explain the rumors why Sternberger was on the trading block prior to the deadline. Not to say jace will be cut, but it sure sounds like the Packers found their starting TE:


Welp. If Pettine was my defensive coordinator, I guess I'd be talking up any offense I was facing too Matt.

No one can make an offense all look like Brad Hoover's like Angry Bald Man.