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You wouldn’t have bet on it?  Easy money bro.  Goophers haven’t won there in 20 years.  Iowa lays waste to really good teams at home. Think Michigan or O$U and now MN. 


I would have bet money on the Goofers losing @Iowa. I never root for Iowa but I was a huge fan of their on Saturday.  I don't know what it is but am I the only one who can't stand Fleck?  He gets on my every last nerve.  I don't know if it because he coaches the Goofers or if he is as big a D bag as I feel he is.

Iowa might be 5-10 against ranked teams at home since 2010, but take a closer look at their home record against really good ranked teams at home.   Thinking top 10 teams like Minnesota was going in at #8. 

They were 3-5 against those top 10 teams and now 4-5 with the win against #8 MN.  

What’s important to note is of their 5 losses they include a 5pt loss to #9 PSU this year and 2pt loss to #4 PSU in 2017, and a 3pt loss to #3 O$U in 2010 and 1pt loss to #10 UW in 2010.   So that 4-5 record could easily be much better as most of those losses were very close. 

This is why I was not surprised one bit that the Goophers lost in Iowa.  The Hawkeyes seem to get up for decent teams and play very well at home under those circumstances. 


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No matter how much lipstick you put on pig, it's still a pig.  And no matter how much you call a close loss a good thing, it's still a loss. Minnesoda lost because they were not ready to play and started to believe all that was written about them.  It had nothing to do with how well Iowa plays against ranked teams, which really is not that good.   A 33% winning percentage is bad. 

Wisconsin High school Football Championships

Div. 7 - final

Edgar Wildcats               0

Black Hawk  Warriors   6

Div 6 final

Saint Marys Springs    7

Eau Claire Regis           0

Div 5  4th quarter

Stratford                         13

Lake County Luteran    22

Division 4   7pm

Kiel   ( 13-0 )

Catholic Memorial   ( 11-2 )




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