In which Fedya joins the 21st century

Screenshot at 2016-06-07 19:36:22

Look carefully, and you'll see that I'm finally running a modern OS, in this case Linux Mint 17.3

I broke down and got myself a new computer and decided I was going to make it a dual boot, mostly because it's difficult to get a computer without Windows 10, an OS I don't particularly care for.  (Apparently if you've got an ethernet connection, you can't set Windows 10 up to have the updates download when you want them to, which sucks if you don't have unlimited bandwidth.)

I've been fiddling with the computer for some time now, and finally got it to the point that I'm OK ditching Windows and running on Linux as much as possible.

I had to give up Opera, though, because ever since they switched to the Chrome rendering engine it just hasn't been as good as Opera 12. 


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Fedya posted:

The Linux is on a USB hard drive so in theory if I ever get a laptop I can just take Linux with me.  (In theory.  Why do I have a feeling that trying to make my Linux portable is going to be rather more complicated in practice?)

It's not.

****, I'm getting old(er).

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