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@packerboi posted:

This is Revis Island-level respect for an NFL cornerback:

And, even more impressively, it's not like the corner on the other side (Kevin King) is a stiff. In other words, they appear to be specifically avoiding him rather than targeting a really weak corner on the other side. 

Packers just need to play keep away with the ball. The Falcons D doesnโ€™t present any kind of intense challenge, so thereโ€™s no reason we canโ€™t run it 30-40 times and keep Ryan off the field. Falcons are not very disciplined, so I can see this being a sloppy game for them. Itโ€™s about culture right now and GBโ€™s lockerroom knows how to win, Atlantaโ€™s knows how to lose games.

Against a very good passing team as well. It wasn't like he was playing against a Brett Hundley type. 

The minus yardage is reminiscent of perhaps the greatest defensive statistical accomplishment in Packer playoff history - the 1994 playoff game where the Packers held Barry Sanders to -1 yards in 13 carries. 

My first game at Lambeau...