Pistol GB posted:

Sure, the “GBrefs” thread you started had nothing to do with it. Wound up over proving yourself right the whole freaking game thread.

Over a backup. That’s not chickenshit at all.

Kumerow sucks. Was that noted? Yeah that was noted. Got it. Kumerow sucks. But you don’t. Got that too.

Have you seen me?

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BrainDed posted:

Does anyone even know what the argument is about in this thread?

Call it: "Realistic Wide Receiver Acquisitions" and the Chicken Littles who thought we needed them,


Those with half a brain who watched the game yesterday and saw that all the bitching and pissing and crying about the wide receivers behind Davante Adams was complete, unfiltered bullshit.

AKA, "Allison and Kumerow suck" versus "No, you suck."

Great game yesterday!  The doubling down on the narrative afterwards was priceless.

Ahhh.. Put me in the the UDFA's and Gmo suck camp then.   

Only one who has looked like he should get PT as a #4 or #5 next year is Lazard. 

  1. Adams
  2. Draft or FA
  3. MVS
  4. Lazard 
  5. St. Brown
  6. Draft

There is no logical reason to hang on to Kumerow, Sheppard and especially Gmo.   Kumeerow still has some opps in front of him to prove otherwise but I don't see it happening.