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The New Orleans Saints sent Michael Thomas' ankle MRI to Green Bay, Wisconsin, to renowned surgeon Dr. Robert Anderson, who determined that the star wide receiver has a mild high ankle sprain, sources tell ESPN.

The Saints play their Week 3 game at home against the Packers, but they will have Thomas travel to Green Bay this week to meet in person with Anderson, who also is the Packers' team doctor.

This sets up a potentially ironic scenario in which the Packers' doctor might be the one who signs off on Thomas returning to play against his team.

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I was looking at some advanced stats on the NFL site. I don't know how good Tampa's defense was but Brees' air yards per attempt was absurdly low in the first game. Something on the order of 2.5 yards. Last in the league (for a starter) by a wide margin. He had a marginal arm to begin with. Age is doing him no favors.

With Thomas out or limited by a high ankle sprain, A CB spy on Kamara might be warranted and the D-line should emphasize getting their hands up since Bree's rarely holds the ball long enough to sack him.

Let’s just hope the defense can give the offense a fighting chance vs the Saints.  In the 2 Brees/Rodgers matchups in New Orleans, the D gave up 51 points in β€˜08 and 44 in β€˜14.  Rodgers didn’t play great in either matchup down there, but other than him playing a perfect game, they had no chance.

It would be nice for Rodgers to get his 1st road win vs the Saints, he’ll need the D to at least slow them a bit for that to happen.

I was at the Monday Night game in 2008.  The game was 24-21 at half.  In the first 2 possessions pf the second half, AR threw 2 picks which made the score 38-21.  Then the offense had a 3 and out followed by a TD by NO making it 45-21. GB scored 8 and NO 7 more, but they game ended on the 3 drives to start the half. Can't really blame the defense in that one.

In 2014, the game was tied at the half, 16-16.  GB got the ball to start second half and AR drove them to the NO 5-yard line.  AR throws pick #1 of the half, and NO drives the field to take a touchdown lead.  Then the Packers unsuccessfully go for it on 4th and 1 in their own territory.  Short field and Saints score again.  Pick #2 of the half, NO scores, it's a 21-point lead (deficit) and that's the ballgame.

So really, in both blowouts, it was squarely AR's poor play in the second half.  He needs to be better.


Honestly, I think our offence is going to have to put up 40+ again to get a win this week--Thomas notwithstanding. Establish the run early, and dagger them through the air is probably our best bet. Everything needs to fire on all cylinders.

Brees is still a top-tier quarterback that can dismantle defenses. I expect a lot of dink/dunk followed by Hill shenanigans. It's a really hard game for our deference to prepare for.

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@mlombardiNFL:  In two games, Drew Brees has thrown the ball 68 times. Of those 68 only seven have traveled over ten yards, for just two completions. Hard to win games if you cannot throw the ball down the field.

He's following the Peyton Manning path to retirement. Give him the Denver defense from that year and maybe Brees could ride off into the sunset with a SB win. Maybe Cam Newton can be there to fumble and run away from it again?