Jack Coan This Week! Bucky @ Northwestern

That’s probably true.  Wow.  I thought this team had a real chance this year, but the choke job against BYU at home and getting throttled at Michigan should have been my reality check.   Lose by 14 at Northwestern and it wasn’t even that close. 

The stranglehold on the Big Ten West appears to be over.   Very possible this team loses a couple of more conference games before the season ends. 

Taylor's fumbles are beyond excusable. The play calling sucked. Call passes he can complete. Coan could not throw down the middle. How about a couple QB runs? I have no idea how Northwestern didn't get called for PI on both offense and defense. The field condition was pathetic.

Goldie posted:
Goldie posted:

Yikes.....6 talking heads ALL picked Bucky for the win.    

Should have known it's the kiss of death when they ALL pick Wisconsin.      They look like the Packers do......just bad.  Ugh.  

Everyone should know that.

Why is it hard to believe?  Northwestern had a pretty good team last year.  They’ve also really been a thorn in the side of the Badgers in Evanston over the years.

I didn’t want to accept past history of the Badgers being highly ranked coming into the year and failing to live up to those expectations but it sure looks like that’s the case again this year. 

Obviously all the injuries don’t help matters, but the Cats physically beat them down yesterday.   That’s tough to stomach and not something we are used seeing with this program. 

Well for me when I saw this year's schedule and I had Bucky  losing in Evanston, Michigan and Penn State.

To me this season is a perfect storm or being over rated, losing experience on defense, turnovers, and a huge rash of injuries that forced UW to play a ton of young guys.  

I will never stop rooting for Bucky but man they sure do test my patience with the constant peeing down their legs in spots like this.


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