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At least we won't have to see this anymore....Bledsoe left open in the corner.

I would guess that Tyler Herro should be matched up on Bledsoe. Butler is on Middleton and Dragic is on Hill. Crowder is on Giannis and Lopez is posted underneath on Adebayo right after an offensive rebound.

Giannis gets fouled at this point by Crowder.

1:45Giannis Antetokounmpo makes free throw 1 of 2111 - 103
1:45Wesley Matthews enters the game for George Hill111 - 103
1:45Giannis Antetokounmpo makes free throw 2 of 2

Lost in the discussion of Giannis and whether he will sign the Supermax is probably the most important factor- that Giannis needs to get better offensively.

I donโ€™t know how much improvement we should expect with an abbreviated off-season and all the attention on the free agency period. Some players who did not play in the bubble have had since March to work on their games (if they were smart). The Bucks season ended September 8th. Itโ€™s been 3 months, and the season starts in 3 weeks. Last year their season ended May 25th, and starting again October 24th. Thatโ€™s about a full month less off-season, plus for that first month Giannis probably wasnโ€™t playing to allow his ankle to heal. I donโ€™t think Giannis is going to start this season with more trucks in the bag. The league knows how to defend him in the playoffs.

2020-21 may not be as good a year as we would hope- and considering Holiday could opt out after this season and after all they gave up to get him itโ€™s all in this year. All in... and heโ€™s not going to be better offensively, which I think heโ€™ll need to be if thereโ€™s a LOโ€™B in his future.

My God the front office better know what theyโ€™re doing... Giannis signs the Supermax, Holiday extends, The new G rotation is lights out, and Portis used his time off wisely- heโ€™s their only front court depth besides DJW, and we kinda know what we have with him at this point.

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Giannis needs to stay hungry. I think he will, but the fear in the back of my mind is that he'll become a bit of a diva if he's not careful.

He also needs to sign that SuperMax (or at least go sign a 2 and 1 deal). The 2 and 1 actually makes sense since if he plays 3 more years with the Bucks (this year plus the 2-year extension) he's then eligible for an even larger supermax as a 10-year vet. It would also provide him security against injury while also maintaining the flexibility to leave at age 28 if things don't go well.

If he doesn't somehow extend, every game against a glamour team until the trading deadline is going to be about "auditioning." Every game after the deadline is going to be about whether he's positioning himself for his free agency. Wisconsin sports fans have a milder version of this before when Mike Holmgren was more focused on getting to Seattle than he was optimizing the Packers' chances in 1998. Remember Holmgren yelling at a fan in the tunnel who said something about Mike leaving? All of that will be 1/10th of what we'll see on the Bucks if he doesn't extend. But it's even worse, because the Packers still kept a roster that had a chance to contend. The Bucks are toast if he leaves. 

I just read that article and I am perplexed.

So Bogdanovic didnโ€™t want to be the 4th option?  Tough shit.  You would have been but that butthurt aside, can someone tell me why dealing away DDV and not adding Holiday but adding BB is better than keeping DDV and adding Holiday but not BB?    I mean, Sam Amick is a respected guy but that article is pure bullshit.

The powers that be were pissed that Milwaukee was able to land Holiday (which no one expected by the way) and not the โ€œsure thingโ€ in Bogs because they had been reporting it for days.   Itโ€™s almost like the Bucks gave the NBA and the media the middle finger with that move.  They simply cannot give the Bucks credit for it and once Giannis extends their collective heads will explode because there will be nothing to report about or speculate for the 2020/2021 season.   Poor babies!

The most ridiculous thing about that article was how they are building up Bogs like heโ€™s some kind of transcendent player.  I mean, heโ€™s decent.  But heโ€™s not a difference maker just like Brodgon wasnโ€™t a difference maker.  By the way, if he was why was it the Lakers and Heat and Celtics and Sixers and other so called contending teams didnโ€™t pull out all the stops to pursue him?

Simply put, guys that score 15-18 PPG and shoot the ball well but donโ€™t play defense or rebound and donโ€™t have elite athleticism arenโ€™t that coveted.   There are probably at least 25-30 players in the league that fit that description and few if any of them are All Star type players.  

On the other hand, there arenโ€™t 25-30 Jrue Holiday type players out there.   Middleton is just as good if not better offensively and heโ€™s a much better defender and quite frankly isnโ€™t the drama queen that it appears BB is.

Can't say I've read many articles, but for me the Bogdan loss and Connaughton  "re-do" creates a lot of doubt in the Bucks FO. Did they not understand the Salary Cap in terms of Early Bird, MLE, and Hard Cap they were flirting with ?

Am thrilled with Jrue Holiday. Guy is really under rated as one of the best 2 way players in the league. One of the things that drove me nuts about Bledsoe(more than his playoff shooting) was him playing out of control and being careless with the ball at crucial moments!!!

Here is a nice series on Holiday playing defense.....Guy can really defend:

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I think he got a lot more money from ATL but probably preferred to play with the Bucks as they are a much better team.  Seems to me he or his agent were annoyed the Bucks traded for Holiday.  They probably figured it was a done deal (BB to Milwaukee) until it wasnโ€™t.  

The article also implies it wasn't just the money, but that he was annoyed that he might only be the 4th option and not get enough shots. Unless Giannis was truly only staying if they brought BB in (which would seem to be crazy), then the Bucks dodged a bullet.

Kevin Durant on Jrue Holiday. He sounds particular good at getting around screens for 3 point shooters.

โ€œJrue Holiday is solidified as probably the best defender in the league at the guard position. When we talk about defense, a lot of people donโ€™t really understand what defense really means. For different positions, especially at point guard, the stuff you have to do to guard, they donโ€™t get a lot of credit for fighting over screens especially now they getting screened at half court, guys are running off of pindowns. โ€

โ€œYou put Jrue in any system, any coach is going to ask him to guard the best player. We played them in 2018, second round and he guarded me the whole series. He was picking me up full court, he was guarding me in the post. Actually, it was tough to dribble on Jrue Holiday. He slides his feet so well, heโ€™s got good hands, heโ€™s strong, heโ€™s got good instincts. I gained a lot of respect for him in that series because he went from guarding me to Klay (Thompson) to Steph (Curry) to guarding Draymond (Green), neutralizing picks and rolls. Heโ€™s special. Heโ€™s special on that side of the ball.โ€

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LeBron James just signed a 2 year, 85 million dollar extension. That pretty much closes the door on the Giannis to LA Lakers stuff.

The other interesting NBA news is the Atheltic article on Kawhi and Paul George's special treatment with the Clippers. Kawhi used to be late to practices because he lived in San Diego and unknown players ripping those two for picking when they practiced, played, etc., and ruining their culture. I bet it's Doc Rivers that's the source.

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Yup, BB is JAG.

Why were some of us elated a month or so ago when we thought we had him?

Why were some of us upset when it all went south?

Sports and sports fandom can be confusing at times.

Because heโ€™s a really good offensive player whoโ€™s on the rise and would have fit perfectly with this team. I donโ€™t know if heโ€™s a dick, his agentโ€™s a dick, or both of them. The whole thing just sucked- made the management look bad/incompetent, even amateurish... and thatโ€™s never good when youโ€™re trying to convince the first transcendent player in 2 generations to stay in town.

That said, they did a good job recovering. They put together solid pieces and depth, and now we wait for Giannisโ€™ decision. If the whole Bogdanovic thing never happens, I would say they got better. I would have felt a lot better if they had Bogdanovic plus the other deals that still fit.

LeBron James just signed a 2 year, 85 million dollar extension. That pretty much closes the door on the Giannis to LA Lakers stuff.

The other interesting NBA news is the Atheltic article on Kawhi and Paul George's special treatment with the Clippers. Kawhi used to be late to practices because he lived in San Diego and unknown players ripping those two for picking when they practiced, played, etc., and ruining their culture. I bet it's Doc Rivers that's the source.

Hell, itโ€™s Riversโ€™ fault! He created the monster by his โ€œplayerโ€™s coachโ€ bullshit...

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Rockets sure are making some interesting moves. That contract though...

They basically ended up trading Chris Paul and the net of one first round pick for John Wall. Westbrook and Wall have basically the same contract which runs one more season than Paulโ€™s.

if you go back further (only 2017), none of the Players the Rockets traded for Paul are still with the Clippers.

In the NBAโ€™s second blockbuster trade in less than a week, the Rockets acquired Paul from the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday in exchange for Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams, Sam Dekker, Montrezl Harrell, Darrun Hilliard, DeAndre Liggins, Kyle Wiltjer, a protected first-round pick next year and cash considerations. The Rockets acquired Hilliard from Detroit and Liggins from Dallas for cash considerations before adding them to the deal.

Has any first ballot Hall of Farmer been traded as often as Paul? Pelicans, Lakers (trade voided), Clippers, Rockets, Thunder, and Suns.

LeBron James just signed a 2 year, 85 million dollar extension. That pretty much closes the door on the Giannis to LA Lakers stuff.

With AD signed for 5 year, $190M, I think itโ€™s a done deal- Giannis signs a contract with the Bucks, now. Whether itโ€™s a 2+1 or the full blown Supermax, the timing shows that these deals are all related, and the league wants headlines. This is Lakers week... next week is Bucks week..

The AD and LeBron contracts mean the Lakers have no real means to sign Giannis.  The only way to get him would be a trade and honestly the Lakers donโ€™t have the players or cache (draft picks) to make it happen.  At least not in the short term anyway.  Perhaps if LeBron opts out or doesnโ€™t extend in 2 years.  But it ainโ€™t happening IMO.

Much like the Bam extension in Miami I think the smart money is on Giannis extending with the Bucks.   For all the tampering talk Iโ€™m sure these moves are just pure coincidental lol.  As in the agents and players arenโ€™t talking.