Let's start a John Fox Challenged Thread...

The first is from the other thread that Goldie named better than Blair

John Fox found a $20 bill on the sidewalk, challenged it, and now owes the IRS $35,000 in back taxes.

For the sake of examples....

I would like to start off the originals with....

1.) John Fox was asked to bed by Katie Upton, challenged it, and had to sleep with Henry.

B.) john Fox  ordered a 5  Guys Burger, challenged it, and ended up eating a McDonalds hamburger.

III.) John Fox invested in Microsoft, challenged it, and got stock in Blockbuster

Original Post

If someone tells you “Game was close until (insert player name) pulled an Orlovsky” you’ll know exactly what happened. 

Likewise. If someone tells you “Game was close until (insert coaches name) pulled a John Fox” you’ll know exactly what happened. 

This is now forever cemented. Magical. 

Bonus fun Fox Fax! John Fox’ Bears have been favored in 6 of his 41 games as coach. He’s now a clean 0-6. 

Btw, for anyone wondering if MM would have challenged that play anyway if Fox did not...

From the Tribune:

I caught up with Packers coach Mike McCarthy and asked him if he was considering throwing his challenge flag before Fox fired. Did McCarthy want to challenge that Cunningham had fumbled the ball into the pylon?

“No,” McCarthy said. “It’s hard when you’re the visitor because they don’t give you much in the way of replays on the board. Like the catch with (Josh) Bellamy earlier. Did he catch it? We didn’t get enough replays.”

Obviously, the Packers were thrilled with the outcome of Fox’s challenge but it’s not something they expected in the least.

Since big, national-coverage games get more cameras and production people, I think those games get more replays from different angles and they get them quicker. From the lack of replays yesterday before Fox threw the flag, I don't blame MM for not wanting to challenge it. 

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